Travels with Kathy – to London and beyond !


So here we are – travels with Kathy to London and beyond – wearing more clothes than I have done in a long time !  Actually they all are telling me that this weather is warmer than it has been all year – really ???? Anyway – the flight in was fine – I find […]

All the Rage in Eleuthera


Look I know this is a terrible sort of pun about what is actually a very serious situation – all the rage in Eleuthera – but I’m sorry – I just couldn’t resist it.  So the major storm that battered the north east of the US has had an effect all the way down here […]

A trip to Florida and a HACE fundraiser

The lovely gospel singers

So we enjoyed a short trip to Florida over the last weekend and then this weekend coming I want to flag up a fundraiser for HACE – the Health Association of Central Eleuthera. It is being held at the Sunset Inn and there is a silent auction to raise the much needed funds to keep […]