A sociable week for the Colmans

Yes dear readers – we have started this year being very convivial. Indeed a sociable week for the Colmans.

First let me tell you about the amazing meal that we ate at Val+tino’s in Fort Lauderdale. It was the last night of our short trip and it was just fabulous. Many of you will remember me having banged on a lot in the past about our very favorite restaurant – they closed down during the pandemic and then never re-opened. But now with new investors they are up and running again – back in the same premises.

Derek, me and CJ – so happy to see these lovely men

Quite a few of the original staff are there and we were greeted like long lost family. So now down to the nitty gritty of what we ate. Bob started with a large scallop, with sun choke , black truffle and a vermouth sauce. It was divine – so delicate and tasty – flavors perfectly balanced. I had stracciatelli with chili, pine nuts and basil served with toasted sough dough – pretty rich and filling ….. Bob had pasta with veal, prosciutto and natural jus – I didn’t taste that as I don’t eat veal. I had pasta with seafood bolognese which was absolutely delicious. Again – beautifully balanced flavors and plenty of it !! We finished off sharing a Chartreuse – puff pastry, mascarpone and milk chocolate ice cream. It was a real treat and we are so happy that they are back ……

Seafood bolognese – fabulous
And this was desert ….. I do love pastry !

The night we got back we went to BFF for a party with Marcie and Martin. It was a curry night – buttered chicken curry, shrimp curry, and several other dishes as well. great poppadoms and tomato, onion and cilantro salad. Yummy …

Sandy, me, Michele , Marcie the birthday girl and Angelika
Perfect …..

After that we went to a birthday bash for Clifford Sands – a party on a huge scale in Palmetto Point. And we didn’t get home until well after 11pm – amazing given our reputation as lightweight partygoers. Many people we knew came up to us and said how surprised they were to see us out so late !

Bob and I with Clifford and Sonia
At the party with Natarvia who works for us and Cliche – Clifford and Sonia’s daughter – with me doing the pouty thing …

Thankfully the next day was Saturday and we had the weekend to recuperate. We had friends come for dinner on Sunday evening – lemon lobster pasta which was delicious if I say so myself. I know I shouldn’t blow my own trumpet but the lobster, taken out of the shell, chopped and then slowly poached in butter with lots of lemon was so tender and tasty. I have cooked this quite a few times and if it is cooked too quickly you lose a lot of the tenderness – so now I am very careful.

Tuesday night we had a lovely evening with Molly and Polly – they arrived with pizza and champagne – what perfect guests and we had a very relaxed evening chatting and eating pizza on the sofa….

Lunch with Beat on Wednesday which was a holiday – National Majority Rule Day – at his house – wonderful organic salad , cheese, tuna and bread – I am exhausted just telling you all about it ! So often the first couple of weeks of the year can be very slow and quiet but certainly not this year …..

So that’s all for this week – have a great weekend and if you are in chiller climes than the Bahamas – do stay warm and well wrapped up against the winter chill.

And finally just to show you that it’s not all about fine dining – breakfast at the Egg & You Diner in Ft Lauderdale – although it was damn fine


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  1. So, l bet you’ve been waiting for my comments. [Tongue in cheek!] First. Your new shorter hair style IS flattering. You’ll have to take more trips to Ft. Lauderdale to keep it up. Then you can feast. Great foods. Anyway, nice pictures of happy friends celebrating well. Oh, the snow. Yes. We’re hanging in. Pale faces here! Looking forward…
    Donna xo

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