Look at the Island Farm Now Plus a Birthday Celebration

Well dear readers take a look at the Island Farm now ….. I first wrote about it in July 2014 – nearly 10 years ago which has gone by so quickly ….. The expansion of the farm and all the produce and food that they sell is wonderful.

Tuesdays and Fridays – the baking days – continue to be extremely busy and all the other days as well – but not quite such a mad rush as those days when people are queuing up to buy their bread and cinnamon buns ! The buildings are much more expansive now – the new kitchen where they bake and cook is very impressive and there are two large freezers full of meat and fish supplies.

A great deck area with tables and benches for that picnic bought at the farm

There is a beautiful large deck area with tables and benches where customers are encouraged to sit and have an impromptu picnic with the fresh bread and crackers, cheeses , dips and anything else they fancy that they have bought – including hot fresh coffee. You often find a few people sitting there enjoying the atmosphere while their spouse or family are in the queue to pay. It is a lovely friendly atmosphere and a great place to socialize and catch up with old friends and new friends…..

Plenty of selection of meat and fish in the freezers

I have written before about some of the baked goods they do – chicken or turkey pot pies , lasagna and I think that sometimes there are quiches as well – plus of course the Wednesday rotisserie chickens……. All very good and so useful for anyone who wants a good hearty meal but does not feel like cooking from scratch themselves. Do go along and check out the selection …..

Crab cakes – so good !

On Sunday evening we celebrated our good friend Carol’s birthday at Bacchus Fine Foods. Such delicious food ! I had crab cakes as an appetizer followed by mushroom ravioli in a creamy sauce – so good. There was a lovely menu selection that we chose from before the dinner and there was tiramisu and caramel cheesecake for desert. It was a great night with lovely friends – 6 of us in total – and meeting two of their friends down from New York was a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday Carol ….

It is always a gift when you connect with people and know that you can really enjoy their company – Jeff and Donald were funny, interesting , kind and lovely people and we look forward to spending more time with them in the future…..

From left to right – Donald, Keith, Carol, Jeff and you know the other 2 !

We had such a nice time all together that the 6 of us went for dinner at 1648 the next night to continue our friendship. What was particularly bonding for me was when Jeff  exclaimed – Beryl Cook ! – when looking in the powder room at Sprawling Towers. Not only did he recognize her work but he owns an original – fabulous ……

The Beryl Cook bathroom

Connections are a great gift in life – and maybe more meaningful as the years go by.

Have a great weekend and treasure those friendships whether they are new or long standing.

Here is a link to that first blog where I wrote about the Island Farm – but do remember that this was 10 years ago and certainly Banks Road Deli does not exist any more !

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  1. Only you, Kathy, could memorialize my Birthday so wonderfully – Thankfully you didn’t include my age !!! So wonderful that you and Bob could join us – truly magical evening !!!

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