A bush fire, a favor and High Stack is for sale now.

Tops House at Governor's Estate in Eleuthera

A few things this week, a bush fire right along French Leave Beach, a favor to ask you and High Stack is for sale now.

High Stack is the house that my Mum , Mary, lived in. After her death last July we had a huge job of clearing it out first of all. Then we assessed it and realized that it needed a pretty major revamp to get it ready for sale. We have done this gradually and it is now ready to go on the market.

The newly refurbished living area – more pictures will follow

It is a 2 bedroom house, with a heated swimming pool and a generator. It has a lovely open plan living and dining area with the kitchen off it. There is a brand new gas range with a built in air fryer and a new fridge freezer as well. The upstairs has a large king size suite with shower room and now that we have cut back a lot of the trees it has a good view of the ocean and gets those early morning sunrise skies.

You all know I love a little area of display – right ?

The second bedroom is downstairs and has a shower room that has direct access from the bedroom as well as a second door so that if people want to use the bathroom they don’t have to go through the bedroom.

The plot is a really good size – around 21,00 sq ft and it is privately tucked away behind Buena Vista and the Peach House accessed from the driveway that leads to Yellow House, Sweetcorn House and Tops. Once the listing is live I will put a link on the blog.

On Sunday there was a bush fire along the frontage of French Leave Beach – some of the plots further along the beach were being cleared and it is thought that there had been a few burning sessions by the people clearing the land. The wind whipped up on Sunday late morning and by early afternoon the fire truck had to be called. Access was very difficult the finally the fire was contained. It is a terrible example of how easily a bush fire spreads. Burning is not allowed here and it is easy to see why……..

Now for the favor ! As many of you will know every year there is a summer camp for the children in the local area run by Educators for Eleuthera- both I and Dr Claire Verden have kept you informed about them. Well this year there is a bit of a hiccup. The accommodation for the volunteer teachers is not available any more and so we are appealing to any home owners in Governors Harbour who would be willing to either donate – or offer at a very reduced rate – places where the female volunteer teachers can stay. The ideal scenario is actually in Governors Harbour where they can walk to wherever is needed but we would also consider a place slightly out of GH and we would have to rent a couple of vehicles. There will be 7 teachers for the month of July and they are OK with sharing rooms I think. There are also 4 teachers for the last week in June. Please message me if you feel you can help with this very significant challenge – the last thing we want is to have to cancel the summer school.

This camp does such a lot for the local community it would be awful if it couldn’t continue. You can either contact me through the blog or Dr Claire Verden at educatorsforeleuthera@gmail.com

Please give this some careful thought …….

I took this picture of the sun coming up at 6.50 the other morning – so beautiful…..

Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all next week.

Take care.

And finally another picture of Brian – she comes and sits right in front of me on the sofa to be fussed and petted ……

11 thoughts on “A bush fire, a favor and High Stack is for sale now.”

  1. Love the appeal for summer camp….ears to the ground! Such an inspired program that has made a huge impact. Could accommodate 2-4 teachers at our place on Cupid’s Cay, though house is tiny. We will keep the 2 guest rooms open and please let us know Claire if you find something ideal for the entire group.

  2. FIRE! Sadly, GHB is not unscathed. Ironically, laws meant to avoid conflagration are ignored. Thanks for Brian’s pic. I’ve yet to meet her company. I imagine the donor link for Educators will be up soon. Looking forward to touring Highstack, seeing your completed Sprawling Towers and sharing some of that scrumptous fare with you both.

  3. I will gladly offer my small 2 bed 2 bath cottage located across from the GHB airport for any or all 4 of the teachers the first week in July. It sleeps 4 (1 queen and 2 twins). $225 to cover my utility and cleaning expenses. Let me know if interested. kristyemac1@gmail.com Also, the cottage can be checked out on my website. There are no photos of the kitchen as I’m coming in the first 2 weeks of March and having the floors redone and tiled.

  4. Hi Kathy, We would like to offer our two bedroom cottage to the teachers for the last two weeks in July. It’s possible that Shangri-La (next door to Orchid) might be available for the end of July as well (if our family decides to come in August instead). If interested, the teachers could stay in Shangri-La (1 king with ensuite, 2 queens with ensuite, 1 queen and twin in loft) and Orchid Cottage (queen and king/two twins) for the last couple of weeks in July. It would give them nice privacy and space, with five separate bedrooms. We are located near Banana Beach Estates on Old Banks Road, a short walk to the beach and Pascal’s Restaurant. https://eleutheravacationrentals.net/Unit/Details/129749 https://eleutheravacationrentals.net/Unit/Details/129749

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