Another great jazz festival in Eleuthera…….


Well – a really great Jazz Festival this year with a couple of new venues and the great regular ones as well…. The weather was perfect – plenty of breeze but not a rain cloud burst upon the proceedings which was lucky for all concerned. The festival opened up at The Other Side on Wednesday. […]

Anchor Point and Christmas mail in Eleuthera


At last – some lovely pictures of the apartments – well one actually – at Anchor Point and a story of the elusive Christmas mail here in Eleuthera. I have had a lovely time getting the apartments ready at Anchor Point – and we have just done a photo shoot of the first completed one. […]

Happy New Year – seeing in 2018 in Governors Harbour


A little bit late – but a Happy New Year to you all – this week it is all about seeing in 2018 in Governors Harbour. For most of the years that Bob and I have been here in Eleuthera we have not gone out on NYE and certainly when we lived back in the […]