The Potlatch Club opening and a great party

Exciting news this week that The Potlatch Club had a soft opening with the hosting of the Jazz Festival last Saturday and also news of a great party.

Although we didn’t actually attend the Jazz Festival concert we were the first group to eat in the beautiful stylish restaurant – The Fig Tree. So called because of the huge spectacular fig tree outside the restaurant – it is a stunning setting for a new world class resort right here in Eleuthera.

Outdoor dining outside the restaurant – the fig tree is on the left.

We were a party of 9 and we sat down in the elegant restaurant at 6.30pm. I was extremely lucky as Bruce Loshusan gave me a tour of the kitchen and it was so good to see the staff all there and ready to go…..

The staff in the stunning kitchen before service started

Bruce told me that the project has been seven years in the making with a huge amount of blood sweat and tears and more tests of patience than you can imagine. The attention to detail in every aspect of the place is exceptional.  The buildings, the landscaping and the interiors are superb and Hans Febles – the other partner in this sensational endeavor – has been the person here on the ground co-ordinating and organizing all of the works here.

Bob and I with Bruce – next to me – and Hans next to Bob

I first wrote about the former Potlatch Club back in 2015 when I talked with the late Bill Burrows about his time working there back in the sixties and early seventies – click here to read that original blog. 

Then in 2016 I wrote about it again – check this one out as well

Beautiful interior in the restaurant by Amanda Lindroth

And more –

And so the soft opening was a huge success – the place was absolutely packed – people have been longing to experience this wonderful new adventure right here on our doorstep. Let me tell you about our eating experience….

Here is a picture of the menu – and the welcome news is that the menu will change with the seasons which is new idea here on island ! One of the touches I loved is that we were brought baskets of warm pitta bread along with a dipping oil and a cilantro hummus – it is one of my pet quirks that I love to have something to nibble on – or devour depending on how you look at it – whilst I am choosing from the menu. The hummus was absolutely delicious – very tasty and a lovely touch. I hope that this policy will continue. Sorry no pictures of that as I got a bit carried away …..

The asparagus appetizer – with Jeff in the background ! It worked Jeff …..

Between us we sampled 3 of the 4 appetizers and all of the main courses. The presentation of the food was stunning and the service was attentive and efficient and friendly. Inevitably there were maybe one or two items that need to be tweaked slightly – but overall it was delicious and really world class. Deserts were extremely good – I didn’t have one myself but they all went down incredibly well. I did finish with a mint tea and everyone in our party thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

The Potlatch Club is that it has a clear vision of it’s place on the island and their offer of luxury and excellence is beautifully met and carried out……

How great does this look !

I will be taking more pictures of course as time goes on – but let me tell you – you have to pay a visit here – it is exceptional and a joy to see a project so well executed…….

Hats off to Hans and Bruce for staying sane – well relatively sane anyway – throughout a long period of manifesting a wonderful vision. The island and the world applauds you and your teams……

And now onto news of a party on Monday evening at Martin and Marcie Weber’s house – Sweetcorn House for those of you who know it and may have stayed there. There is no foolproof formula as we all know for a special night but it was a very special night indeed. Huge amounts of laughter – a fabulous buffet of finger food from Bacchus Fine Foods – and everyone congregating at one stage around the kitchen island ! Anyone else remember the Jona Lewie song Always in the Kitchen at Parties ? OK – just me then !! And the majority of people there were not drinking alcohol. It was a night to treasure in the memory – good food, great friends and that alchemy that remains a secret that brings lovely conversations and makes special memories.

The very comfortable and convivial lounge area at Sweetcorn House …. and where we all were below !
Ha !

And so dear readers I leave you here – may you find your own special tribe of friends – sometimes old friends and sometimes new friends – who make the gel that binds the memories of good times and shared experiences together.

On a different note I understand that some of you have not been receiving the weekly blog even though you are signed up subscribers. I am not quite sure how to get this fixed but I am going to try and find out. Of course you can always access the blog by simply putting in in your search engine then clicking on the blog you want to read.

A cloudy day at Sprawling Towers !!

3 thoughts on “The Potlatch Club opening and a great party”

  1. camilla p. ross

    Dear Kathy! What a fabulous link! My old Potlatch! Thank you so much for sharing. Amazing transfiguration! Seems ages since Hans and I communicated old potlatch memorabilia and facts. Unrecognizing the new Potlatch today. Looks like everyone had a good time.
    I hope this clinch gets fixed. At least, I am not alone. Cheers!!

  2. So great to see Bob and you in such fine form. Reading your blog is like being there! Such a gift you have. From Canada, remembering you warmly.

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