Two Exceptional parties and another celebration !


This last week we have had two Exceptional parties and another celebration – our 24th wedding anniversary ….. First the two parties for the Exceptional Learners here in Governors Harbour.  The first was the Christmas pizza party at Tippy’s with all the usual bags of gifts , fizzy drinks, ice cream and pizza that we […]

Celebrating with the Goslings ……


Last week I told you we were hosting a party to celebrate with the Goslings who are leaving the island – this week we have the results of that party ….. What a lovely evening. It was very well attended by lots of people who wanted to show their appreciation. Jay and Lionel Fernander of […]

Best of Eleuthera series – Sunset Inn Governors Harbour

Pausing - or posing ? - momentarily before digging in !

Next in the Best of Eleuthera series we take a look at Sunset Inn – right here in Governors Harbour. Situated just south of Governors Harbour right on Queens Highway it overlooks the Caribbean and is called Sunset Inn for a very good reason – viewing the sunsets from their deck is a wonderful experience…. […]