Celebrating with the Goslings ……


Last week I told you we were hosting a party to celebrate with the Goslings who are leaving the island – this week we have the results of that party ….. What a lovely evening. It was very well attended by lots of people who wanted to show their appreciation. Jay and Lionel Fernander of […]

Best of Eleuthera series – Sunset Inn Governors Harbour

Pausing - or posing ? - momentarily before digging in !

Next in the Best of Eleuthera series we take a look at Sunset Inn – right here in Governors Harbour. Situated just south of Governors Harbour right on Queens Highway it overlooks the Caribbean and is called Sunset Inn for a very good reason – viewing the sunsets from their deck is a wonderful experience…. […]

Out of Season in Eleuthera……

Deserted French Leave Beach Eleuthera

Out of season – as we are in Eleuthera right now – is a time to enjoy the quiet of the island.  Most restaurants are either closed or closing this week – there are still some visitors but nothing like the usual amount we see throughout the rest of the year. Instead we are cooking […]