Melting in May here in Eleuthera

Yes – it’s that time of year again when the temperature notches up a good few degrees and we are all melting in May ! Of course we have a fabulous climate year round and sometimes it is hard to notice the weather changing – obviously we do have seasons of sorts but nothing like the more temperate climates where spring is a real marker and a source of hope and joy at the better weather coming.

Look – I know this is not spectacular – but it is a sign – right ?

But we do have certain markers here and last week I spotted the first blooms of the glorious poinciana trees here. That for me is a real marker – as you may remember orange is a real favorite color of mine and the blooms are the perfect shade of orange. I am putting a link in here to a blog I wrote in August 2014 – nearly 7 years ago about my obsession with orange – not sure if the pictures will show up as I am not able to see them myself – but I will dig into the archives and post a few here !

Orange bags
Orange bags
getting a bit scary now….
Orange shoes

We have had so little rain here on island that everywhere is dry and dusty and a lot of plants and trees seem to be suffering – but of course this means that the bougainvillea is spectacular. The colors are glorious and the variety is beautiful. Last week I posted a picture of the bougainvillea outside our office – every time I get in or out of my car it gives me a real lift of the heart …

Sunday last was Mother’s Day and we celebrated with a lunch at Sunset Inn with my Mum and our friend Liz who you may remember has been to us for Christmas Day lunch a couple of years. This last Christmas she was not here but she is now so it was lovely to catch up with her and have a good chat. She has some wonderful stories and it was good to hear her talking about her favorite place where she has lived. Liz’s late husband worked in the US Coast Guard service so the family moved around quite a lot. I asked her where her favorite place had been where they were posted and without a seconds hesitation she told me it was Anchorage in Alaska – it was a delight hearing her reasons but catching wild salmon and eating it had me sold ….

Mary, me and Liz at Sunset Inn

I am sure I have mentioned before that my first job at 13 years old was as a shampoo girl in a local hair salon – and I learned at that tender age that everybody has a whole set of stories in them – even the most unassuming people – when you are in a situation where you can draw it out of them -which of course a hair salon is ideal for – you can and should be amazed at the tales of joy and tragedy that people will share with you. I was a hairdresser for many years with my own salon in a few different places and it got me hooked on hearing such stories. Sometimes the most banal conversations turned into extraordinary confessionals of sharing life stories. It is a privileged bonus that I have always treasured and so I do love to be in situation where people will share their secret tales of life…..

Now on to Sprawling Towers – again !!

Our team is fabulous – just look at this picture of the guys all lined up in a human chain pouring concrete into the beams across the top of the cisterns.

Bob’s anniversary present from 2019 doing sterling work !

And this was fun and heart stopping in turn on Saturday when we had a 40 foot container delivered on site and lifted off with a crane. It was a very breezy day and it was swinging around for a while although they had tapes on the corners being held on to and pulled where necessary to stop the wind catching it ….. Thanks again to all involved who got it lifted by crane off the flat bed transporting it and onto the ground…..

the container on the flat bed with the crane maneuvering into place
Being guided into place
The eagle has landed !
And finally – last week it was Dewonia’s 21st birthday – she works in our office remember ? so we treated her to mini cupcakes from the brilliant Tanya at Mo Sweet’s Bakery. Bailey’s dippers are the ones with the doodas poking out of them…

9 thoughts on “Melting in May here in Eleuthera”

  1. So Kathy, today is my 70th birthday. I feel like a new lease on life and my wish is for peace and health for all. Now, you can wish me! Nothing like self advertisement, right?

    Yah. I remember well your orange blog. Hermes meetoo memories.

    I wish you’d been my hairdresser! Will reserve those conversations for our next visit. LOL meanwhile…off to sun bathe in my birthday suit. =^_^=

    1. Oh Happiest of Happy Birthdays Donna ….. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself and plenty more on top ! And so happy to hear that it is warm enough for birthday suit sunbathing. I hope you have a wonderful day – we will raise a glass to you this evening xxx

    1. yes that is still my email – I get yours but it seems that you are not getting mine…. See you later in the month ….

  2. Hello. I’m sorry to intrude upon your blog, but I’m on a search for Kay Tucker Addis’s email address or blog site. I knew Kay at The Ledger-Star a lifetime ago and would really appreciate the info if you can. If you’re not comfortable (and I would completely understand not wanting to share info with a veritable stranger), could you pass on my email address to Kay? It’s I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you.

    1. I will be happy to pass your email address on to Kay …. And I am happy to help you try to track an old friend down – no intrusion at all….

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