Two Exceptional parties and another celebration !

This last week we have had two Exceptional parties and another celebration – our 24th wedding anniversary …..

First the two parties for the Exceptional Learners here in Governors Harbour.  The first was the Christmas pizza party at Tippy’s with all the usual bags of gifts , fizzy drinks, ice cream and pizza that we do at the end of every term. Christmas parties do however have that extra bit of excitement and this was – although very well behaved – was no exception.


Teachers, students and Mary getting ready to party !
Teachers, students and Mary getting ready to party…..

With our trip to London in late November I didn’t have a chance to get to Florida to shop for the children so I went along to Highway Service Station and was helped out enormously by Susan Griffin Hanna who picked out a great selection of small gifts and toys for me to choose from. Readers – I had my own personal shopper here in Governors Harbour !! It was a great success and the whole thing was worth it just to see the face light up on one of the students – 6 year old Kayla – and to hear her say – ” I LOVE Dora the Explorer !” it was just a notebook but to her it was a delight ! She also loved her tiara and googly glasses and was wearing them the next day when I took the Christmas hats I had forgotten the day before into the school ……

Kayla looking good !
Kayla looking good !
Dunaje with her tiara and googly glasses
Dunaje with her tiara and googly glasses

Two days later the lovely Agatha Bethel from Hailsham’s Law Office held her annual Christmas party at Sunset Inn – for the Exceptional Learners and also the children chosen as most needy by Social Services here on the island. Agatha is a terrific organizer and all the local businesses get a letter from her asking them to donate a present for a particular child. This year I bought a remote controlled jeep for an 11 year old boy ……

Kayla with Agatha Bethel and her new bike !
Kayla with Agatha Bethel and her new bike !

The children had a wonderful lunch catered by Miss Jay at Sunset Inn and had presents handed out to them by Santa. Of course we really missed the wonderful Chris Gosling who has always done it – and hardly needs to dress up I may say – but a great stand-in was found and he did a fabulous job. Agatha has a tradition where as well as the great presents donated by local businesses to every child, one child is picked out to have an extra special present. This year it was Kayla – and the bemused but delighted look on her face when she was presented with a brand new bike was what Christmas is about. The wonder of this gift meant so much to her – but all the rest of us got as much joy from seeing her reaction – perfect !

What a smile.....
What a smile…..
From left to right - Agatha, Santa, Miss Jay and me ....
From left to right – Agatha, Santa, Miss Jay and me ….

The final celebration for Bob and I last week was our 24th wedding anniversary. Plus on the day of our anniversary it was 14 years to the day since we moved here permanently. Double celebration.

I decided that night I would wear the little boots that I had worn to get married in – believe it or not it was only the second time I had ever worn them.  I suppose I had kept them for sentimental reasons and it was fun to squeeze my feet into them for a delicious meal at 1648. However it was even more fun to take them off at the end of the night !

24 years ago !
24 years ago !
And the boots still looking good ....
And the boots still looking good ….
Confetti storm .....
Confetti storm …..

So the build up to Christmas continues – albeit at a slower pace here in Eleuthera. As always we wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year . For all of you who are alone, sad, ill or going through a difficult time we wish you a little respite from the burdens you carry. Make your own special Christmas by being extra kind and loving to yourself ….. And for those of you who are able, think about opening your door – literally or metaphorically – to draw in those who are alone ….

Merry Christmas …..

One happy chap !
One happy chap !

11 thoughts on “Two Exceptional parties and another celebration !”

  1. Beautiful wedding shot; congratulations!

    BUT—and I have examined this closely—the contemporary image of the boots, differs from wedding boots!


    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      You are wrong Daniel – I will give you full evidence when you are next down here ! Happy New Year to you xxx

  2. Merry Xmas and a Healthy Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Kathy you look the same fabulous way as you did 24 years ago. And Bob looking dapper as ever.
    Keep writing as I look forward each week to my dear place and happenings there.
    Very true what you wrote. Judy and I lost our little sister on November 9th. We’re devastated and I truly agree with you. Our Mom and Dad are 94 & 93 so we look over them.
    All the best to you. Hope to see you soon.
    Susan Judy and Joe from LI NY

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      So very sorry – I haven’t received any notifications of comments so these have all slipped through the net ! Lovely to hear from you as always and so very sorry to hear about your sister….. We would love to see you soon. Too late to wish you Merry Christmas but we both want to wish you all a very Happy New Year xx

    2. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Lovely to hear from you – and so very sorry to hear about you losing your sister. So sad …… We would love to see you again soon – love to all xx

  3. Cathy and Bob. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
    Seasons greetings to you both.
    Love from all the Grays at Indigo.

  4. What lovely things to do to celebrate these children! Are you the house on the hill with Santa and his Cessna in the tree??Where do we stop by to meet you?We’ll be there again Dec 29-Jan 12.I want to meet your kitty too,Ceci I believe

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