An election here in The Bahamas in 4 weeks

Yes – news at the end of last week that the government has called an election early – it will be on September 16th. I am assuming that the lead up time is short in an effort try to help with the Covid situation. Large rallies across the Bahamas will do nothing to help ease […]

Nurses Appreciation Month in Eleuthera

Did you know that May is Nurses Appreciation Month not only here in Eleuthera but around the world as well ? Well it is – extended from the usual week to a month because of the immense challenges that the medical service have faced during the COVID pandemic. I was invited along to a service […]

Making contact with our readers is such a delight !

This last 2 weeks I have met up with 2 readers of the blog and I want to tell you what a delight it is for me to make such contacts ! Firstly I met Lissa on French Leave Beach just as Dan and I were about to walk the dogs. She came up to […]