Bits and Bobs in Governors Harbour and Beyond !

So this week’s blog is made up of bits and bobs in Governors Harbour and beyond – meaning a quick trip to the US ! The day we were leaving I had to quickly dash down to the office to do a little task I had forgotten about – and the sight of how the […]

Tasting wine in Da Perk Governors Harbour

This week we have been tasting – or was that guzzling wine – at Da Perk right here in Governors Harbour. Later I will bring you up to date on the eye surgery and our eating adventures in Fort Lauderdale. Horatio from Da Perk had organized the wine tasting with Mr Kyle Stubbs – the […]

Second eye done for Bob in Fort Lauderdale.

So this last week we took another trip to Fort Lauderdale for Bob to get laser surgery on his second eye. I am so pleased to say that it went even better than the first one with much less discomfort and soreness. Dr Spratt and his team at the South Florida Eye Health Clinic do […]