Getting back in the groove in Eleuthera

Like so many of you we are trying to get back in the groove of working here in Eleuthera – not that easy eh ? Our office was closed for 2 weeks – which was great – but oh my goodness – trying to get organized and caught up again is a nightmare. Anyway – […]

Bits and Bobs in Governors Harbour and Beyond !

So this week’s blog is made up of bits and bobs in Governors Harbour and beyond – meaning a quick trip to the US ! The day we were leaving I had to quickly dash down to the office to do a little task I had forgotten about – and the sight of how the […]

Tasting wine in Da Perk Governors Harbour

This week we have been tasting – or was that guzzling wine – at Da Perk right here in Governors Harbour. Later I will bring you up to date on the eye surgery and our eating adventures in Fort Lauderdale. Horatio from Da Perk had organized the wine tasting with Mr Kyle Stubbs – the […]