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This week we have had the contrast of a real Bahamian funeral and family here in Eleuthera. As I told you all last week our family arrived on Thursday and so there has been lots of hugging and cuddling with out great granddaughter Cece. They are staying in Peach House apartments next to where we used to live at Buena …

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Yes – not one but two free dental treatment programs in Eleuthera coming up ! One this week in Gregory Town and one next week in Rock Sound. The one in Gregory Town is happening as you read this – it is of course the collaboration of the Glo-Good Foundation and Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule organization. Do click on …

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This week news of a great fire truck display and news of progress on Sprawling Towers. Last Friday the GHFR team put on a demonstration to major benefactor Shelby White and her family. It was wonderful for the team to be able to finally proudly show her what they are capable of with the truck and they did a great …

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