Summer camps, lovely lunches in Eleuthera and Happy Independence Day

This week there is plenty to write about – summer camps, lovely lunches and Happy Independence Day all here in the Bahamas. So first – the summer camps. This week I went to see the summer camp being held at Haynes Library. The theme of the camp is around the world in 30 days – […]

Bob’s eye and a tale of 2 suppers !

This week I bring you up to date about Bob’s eye and give you a tale of 2 suppers ! Thank you so much for all the enquiries about how Bob is doing after his eye surgery. Slow but sure progress is the answer – the other morning he told me that he could see […]

A this’n’that sort of week in Eleuthera

A bit of a this’n’that sort of week in Eleuthera – not too much happening that’s exciting to write about so lots of little snippets. If you fall asleep reading this – yes I mean you dearest Bob ! – then just blame it on a slow week …… We always have to keep the […]