Giving thanks at Thanksgiving in Eleuthera.

Although it is not either a Bahamian or British holiday we are most definitely giving thanks at Thanksgiving here in Eleuthera. Gratitude is such an important theme for me and so Bob and I have adopted the Thanksgiving concept as something to really celebrate – and no presents to buy !!!!

We will be actually eating a turkey dinner on Thursday with some friends – although I do enjoy it no cooking for me so I will be giving thanks for that !

We give thanks for all of the right people who have come into our lives at the right time – this year we have had some amazing medical experts recommended to us who have proved to be absolutely brilliant and have given us both eye surgery which has been very successful.

Some of you will have seen this picture on our Instagram page @bestofeleuthera. Bob had just been to see the backhoe at Seacor and took some pictures which he was then lovingly scrolling through in the car – so I had to stop and catch an image of his happiness !!

Bob is giving thanks for his latest acquisition – a bright yellow JCB backhoe machine ! It was delivered here to Governors Harbour all the way from Kansas – so thanks to Jacob who sourced it and got it sent to Fort Lauderdale and to Seacor who successfully shipped it out here. He has wanted one for a long time – I have joked that this is his anniversary present – it is our 25th wedding anniversary on December 14th – and he is very happy !!

That is one happy man !
It’s not a toy you know …..

Again we give thanks for our friends and family who enrich our lives and give meaning to our day to day existence. People who can make you laugh and feel joy are worth their weight in gold and people you can share your sorrow and heartache with are worth double their weight in gold.

Great friends Leif and Gunilla from Sweden who stayed with us here in Governors Harbour 13 years ago ….

Personally I give thanks to the children at the Exceptional Learners Centre who continue to be both a source of joy as well as being my favorite teachers – they have so little in their lives – but every week they find something to be thankful for when we do our circle of gratitude. I had a whale of a time the other week when we were in Fort Lauderdale doing Christmas shopping for them. They are the only vitally important people that I do Christmas shopping for come hell or high-water …… 13 of them this year so that was a couple of trolleys piled high with all sorts of goodies …. and they are looking forward to what they know is coming – pizza party and presents. Of course plenty of pictures to come from the social gathering of the year for them on December 11th.

And of course we give many thanks for Rudge and Ceci who also enrich our lives ….

So dear friends I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving – many of you will be having a difficult time for all sorts of reasons – but please find time to make your own list of people and things that you are truly grateful for – and try to put to one side all the things that are upsetting you – just for one day…..

I was filled with gratitude and sushi after this delicious lunch at La Bougainvillea last Sunday
Biggest grateful thanks for my lovely husband Bob – here we are 30 years ago – how those years have flown !

8 thoughts on “Giving thanks at Thanksgiving in Eleuthera.”

    1. Your words of thanks are aptly comforting. Thank you for you!
      And yes, your anniversary. Wh8at a picture of you both.
      We’re not on Instagram (or Facebook) so we liked seeing Bob on his machine.

      Donna & Stuart

  1. What a delight it is to read you!!! I am thankful I can read your blogs each Thursday! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bob :)!

  2. Thank you so much, Kathy! Always love the photos! Wonderful the sharing. Late Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing the pizza party and your anniversary!

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