Hurricane Irma – the preparations !

OK – so not a long blog this week as we are in the midst of making preparations for the visit of Hurricane Irma. As all of you know by now she is a bit of a horror – the islands that she has already hit are devastated – and the trail of human misery she is creating is just awful.

So we prepare for the worst and hope for the best ….

With all the rental properties and construction sites that we have to make safe and secure the hours are just flying by. It is amazing what you uncover and discover while getting everything moved and secured.

Palm trees are being cut back and coconuts removed – they become dangerous missiles in a hurricane. But then of course all the big leaves have to be taken away as they would fly around during the storm.

Sonny cutting the coconuts down and trimming the leaves back......
Sonny cutting the coconuts down and trimming the leaves back……

Thank heavens that we have gas cooktops – at least we can eat – I’m just going to make sure I know where the lobster tails are in the freezer so that we can enjoy a tasty lemon lobster spaghetti when everything is at it’s worst.

Look who I found - better find a new spot.....
Look who I found – better find a new spot…..

The current prediction is that Eleuthera should not get a direct hit – but for sure we will get a lot of bad wind and rain – and of course hurricanes notoriously can change direction overnight…..

Looking a bit deserted and sad.....
Looking a bit deserted and sad…..

So keep on hoping for the best for us – and I will be back in usual mode by next week……

And a huge thank you to all of our friends who have sent messages of support and offers of refuge. It means a huge amount to know that you remember us at a time like this.

Rudge playing with a new beach find...... He doesn't care about hurricanes.....
Rudge playing with a new beach find…… He doesn’t care about hurricanes…..

20 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma – the preparations !

  1. Kathy, we re thinking of you, watching the progress of Irma from afar, and praying for the best. And, of course, eager to return….

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and our special place. Hope Irma passes you by gently. We will be seeing you this Spring and be in touch soon. Regards, Susan, Judy and Joe from LI NY.

    1. I love that you used the word gently for Irma – she needs a lot of gentleness. And thrilled to hear you will be visiting us again. kindest regards to you all…..

  3. Mona and I sincerely hope you and Bob made it through Irma with no serious damage. Remember Matt in Fort Myers. I have spoken to him several times and urged him to get ready. I will check on him as soon as the storm passes.
    Stay safe!

    1. Thanks so much for making contact. We have had no damage other than losing a couple of shingles – it really was a close shave but we were incredibly lucky. Thanks again and best wishes to you both…..

  4. Dear Bob and Kathy, I’m so relieved to hear that damage from Irma was minor. I kept checking The Guardian weather link (absolutely the best) and saw that Eleuthera was at the edges of this terrible storm. Thank Goddess! See you in November. XXFM

    1. Thank you for checking in with us – all s well here – we were so very very lucky…… See you in November….. XX

  5. Followed IRMA through Tanya and John, you can eat the lobster and a glass of your favourite white wine! to celebrate your safety, we are happy that all is well with Ma and you both.
    Love always,
    Colin and Susie x x x

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