Life this week in Governors Harbour Eleuthera

Life this week in Governors Harbour Eleuthera is still busy – despite the fact that this is the low season for rentals. It is a time for maintenance and repairs, upgrading and deep cleaning ! We have had to empty the pool at Yellow House in order to acid wash the walls and repair some tilework.

All the old decking stripped off

Now it is looking spick and span and ready for the upcoming season. The deck is being sorted out as well – rotting boards replaced and a fresh coat of paint as well….. Actually a lot of the decking boards were not in good condition so it turned out to be a much bigger job than we thought it would – but it had to be done !

New decking to 3 sides of the pool…..

The vegetable patch is being prepared for the upcoming season as well. We had a crop of Sunn Hemp planted which grew like crazy – and no it has no relation to industrial hemp or marijuana ! It is for improving the condition of the soil – it replaces nitrogen naturally and deals with pesky nematodes – so hopefully this coming season we will have a bumper crop. The sunn hemp grew to a great height and then the leaves were stripped of each stem and dug into the soil……

Sunn Hemp – a glorious crop – lets hope the next seasons vegetables do as well ……

We are also excited about a new property coming into our portfolio any time soon. Fond Memories is a charming 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house at the top of the hill here in Governors Harbour with a lovely view from the large upstairs deck down into the harbour – perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine watching the sun go down. Interior pictures to follow soon…..

Fond Memories from the front……
A lovely drone shot courtesy of some of our renters – Fond Memories is in the top right hand corner behind Peach House…..

So following I am posting some more pictures from our trip…….

Loved this cappuccino Bob was served while we were away !
Another picture from the Antony Gormley Exhibition at the Royal Academy London
I loved this amazing clock / artwork at the Ham Yard Hotel. It shows the actual time as the minute changes but during the rest of the minute it is an amazing pattern with the hands of each individual clock moving differently – sensational
The extraordinarily busy kitchen at Dishoom…..

3 thoughts on “Life this week in Governors Harbour Eleuthera

  1. Hi Kathy, Bob. What a *splendid renovation* on Fond Memories! Looking forward to seeing it in person as well as your up coming interior shots. So many improvements since your 2004 arrival.
    Donna & Stuart

  2. Many thanks for your many enlightening emails, they are all so descriptive of your local and “globe-trotting happenings” that we feel as though we were with you both on your many trips.
    Sorry, haven’t been to visit, owing to health issues which preclude me from flying, hope this will change soon.
    Sending our love to Bob and belated birthday wishes,
    And to you and Mary,
    P.S.Kathy, we both miss your beautiful smile! x x

    1. How lovely to hear from you. Sorry that you are unable to travel – but hopefully the people you want to see are coming to visit you ! And I am smiling at you as I write this….. Love to you both as well xxxx

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