News this week from Eleuthera

I bring you news this week from Eleuthera of what has happened lately and what is coming soon. Ride for Hope came to the island for their annual event on March 9th – there was a half marathon as well as the usual bike ride.

Of course many islanders were particularly happy as the annual bike ride does mean that all the potholes get filled in on the roads as well as some of the worst of the verges being repaired. This is very welcome as I have written before about what happens to wheels and tires here if you are not careful !

Indi – up and ready to work !

Our grandson Indiana Colman has come to stay for a month with us and is getting a real taste of island life. I had no idea about the amount of food that a nearly 14 year old can consume – shocking right ??? He is adapting to life here and is enjoying water sports with new friends as well as getting some experience on a couple of our sites. Certainly not all play I can tell you – getting up at 6am to be ready for a site visit can be a bit of a rude awakening …….

All posing nicely !

He joined us last Friday for a great dinner party we had which was catered for by Mish and Zev – in our house, for 12 people. They did a great job , delicious food, brilliant service and a lovely clean kitchen afterwards. Mish bought extra chairs as well as all the plates and bowls we needed as I don’t run to 12 of everything …… So a Friday night entertaining and as I kept on telling anyone who would listen – I didn’t do a darned thing !

Beet salad with greens and nasturtium flowers from our own garden – it was delicious and looked so pretty……

Followed by a shrimp cake with tomato salsa and garlic aioli….. I could have eaten them all !

Good friends Dan and Larry from Cupid’s Cay have a gorgeous new potcake puppy – an addition to their family which includes Rufus – Rudge’s litter brother. Her name is Xena – Warrior Queen – princess is just not enough for her ! She is a delicious little morsel who now joins up for 3 way playdate walks on the beach. She is a feisty little thing and manages to hold her own with the other 2. She has not yet really ventured into the water – she runs after the other 2 a little way but then realizes that this is something unknown. No doubt she will begin exploring further very soon !

Dan with the team, Xena , Rufus and Rudge. treat time !
How gorgeous – Xena warrior Queen !

The Lizard Trail which I am sure you will remember from last year – no ? where have you been ???? – is continuing this year and here is some very useful information from the organisers……

Cut out and ready to go ….

The 2019 Lizard trail is a multifaceted project designed to stimulate conversation, local pride and artistic inspiration, while raising money for the Haynes Library Summer Literacy Camp.

Using recycled oil drums (generously donated by BPL) local welder Otis Cooper carves out 5 foot high lizards. The lizards are passed on to Bahamian artists and high school students to design and paint. (Thank you Mr. Cooper for partially donating your time!)

Looks great …..

It is the organizers hope to populate a few more businesses and  public buildings with the colourful silhouettes. Last years Lizard’s were astonishing in their diversity, and this year’s edition will be just as funky and varied. I will once again be exhibiting and selling the lizards during All that Jazz, April 10th, 2019, at the library during the free performance at the fish fry. Some will also be for sale during Art in the Park at the Levy Preserve March 30. 

This year we are adding small lizards to our repertoire, to use every available surface of the oil drums, and satisfy the many requests received last year.

Small lizards will be sold for $130, medium – $150, and the large – $225.

Small and medium lizards can be purchased and are free to pursue any adventure imaginable. One left for Paris last week, while another plans on settling in Montreal.

The large lizards are meant to remain on island to reveal their quirky designs to islanders and travellers alike from the vantage points of public spaces.

If you wish to purchase a small or large lizard but cannot attend the exhibits, contact Loretta at A photo catalogue will be available in April

We are currently seeking sponsors for lizards in public spaces such as an airport or government building. Both full and ½ sponsorships are accepted.

Finally we will be holding a silent auction on April  11th. The winner of the silent auction may select a small or large lizard of their choice for whatever venue they choose.

Wouldn’t you love one of these ?

Please let Loretta know if you are interested in bidding.

More news next week on the fundraiser we are holding for the Special Olympics events this year – both the Bocce Tournament held here in Eleuthera as well as the annual visit to Nassau for the track and field.

8 thoughts on “News this week from Eleuthera”

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Thank you – but it is the decision of the board of Art in the Park who decided on this – I cannot take credit for !

  1. That is an adorable pot cake puppy.Did they get her from Eleuthera Animal Rescue?We intend to adopt one once we’re living in Eleuthera.

    Also is it fairly easy to find pet sitters for when you’re away?We travel alot and will need someone for our house and pets.

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      They got her from someone who lives in the south….. Pet sitters I am not sure of – you just need to make some good friend I think !

  2. Yes, XENA is a Queen in the making and already heartily rules her two “brothers”….but she would like it known that her proper full name is “XENA, Coconut Warrior Princess”, as she started out life known simply as “Coconut” before her true Royal Bahamian Potcake status was revealed.

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Sorry for the delay Dan – a minor glitch. SO very important o get these names right – and so very complicated !!

  3. Donna & Stuart

    We’ll take one of each: from your scrumptious Mish/Zev creations; another picture of this cudly golden Xena with buddies and a lizard (thanks for the link!) And yes, I remember your previous blog on the lizards. Cheers…

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