All the latest news in May here in Governors Harbour.

Yes – this week all the latest news right here in May in Governors Harbour. None of it is earth shattering I might add – but I know from your comments dear readers that you do like to hear what is happening. First and foremost the government has lifted the 10pm – 5 am curfew […]

News of the Buccaneer Scholarship Fund in Eleuthera

This week I am very happy to bring you news of the Buccaneer Scholarship Fund – right here in Eleuthera. This is the brainchild of Michele Johnson and her daughter Yasmin Johnson. They are both very aware of the need for financial assistance as well as the know how of how to get a place […]

One year on from the start of the pandemic in Eleuthera

So here we are – one year on plus a week or two from the start of the pandemic here in Eleuthera and how much has changed for us personally during that time. Of course the biggest change has been selling the 4 rental houses and the easing of a lot of stress for me […]