Adopted by a new kitten and pictures of Sprawling Towers

This past week we have been adopted by a new kitten which I am going to tell you all about plus plenty of pictures of Sprawling Towers. We also had our usual Halloween visitors – lots of small children mostly brought out by their Mums and Dads – on Saturday. Fortunately I half thought that […]

Back home in Governors Harbour Eleuthera

Yes – back home in Governors Harbour Eleuthera and as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz says – there’s no place like home. We really enjoyed our trip to Florida but the flight home was a bit of a nail biter . The weather in Ft Lauderdale was torrential rain when we arrived for the […]

The Colmans are traveling from Governors Harbour

This week the Colmans are finally travelling from Governors Harbour to the US again. After a successful trip to Nassau last week we had the weekend at home before setting off on Monday afternoon with Aztec for that long forgotten flight to Fort Lauderdale. It is all pretty much long overdue maintenance – Tuesday the […]