Over 5 years of blogging about Eleuthera !

I was surprised to see that I have spent over 5 years blogging about Eleuthera – the first blog was published May 21st 2014. Shocking how the time goes and shocking to think that I have written over 280 weekly blogs !

I have never missed a week – ever ! How on earth do I find things to write about every week – on an island where – let’s face it – there is not a huge amount going on ……

I started it as a way of keeping in touch with all the lovely people who have stayed in our rental properties – but it has of course evolved into something different. Quite a bit is personal – but you seem to like that. Of course there is news about what is going on or what has happened on the island when there is something to report and sometimes Bob tells me it is about nothing much in particular !

I have to confess that sometimes I am racking my brains as to what to write about – but somehow , something always pops up …..

This week for example !

We knew that we had to do some maintenance work at Tops this week – the first full week without a rental since before Christmas – not bragging – just sayin ! Anyway – the back deck was a bit dodgy – some termite damage even though all the lumber we ever use is pressure treated. So I got our guys stripping off the decking to get to the supports underneath – cross beams being replaced and decking laid back down.

All the decking removed and some of the balustrade so the new staircase can come right down into the garden….

We decided that this was an ideal time to create a roof deck – with a new outdoor staircase leading up from the back garden. It is a lovely view from up on the flat roof – and with a cold cocktail in hand it looks even better . Now it’s a race against time to get it all completed before some of our very favorite guests come back next Tuesday !

A right old mess just now….

I have continued sorting through old photographs and scanning them – so guess what – here are a few more for your entertainment ……. with a couple of stories to go with them !!

Me being held by Mary with big sister Anne at her side. Just look at those lovely starched frocks.
Me and Anne holding new baby Jane ! my Dad was a very keen photographer so there are loads of pictures of us as children…..
OK – so this is me in Luxor Egypt – Christmas Eve probably about 28 years ago – it was the night I discovered how great a drink gin and tonic was – the night finished with me walking smack bang into a plate glass door. Feeling no pain until the next day when I had a huge egg on my forehead …
This one of my all time favorite pictures of Bob – a touch of the John Wayne’s in the Quiet Man about him – with his all time favorite horse – Rocker…..

18 thoughts on “Over 5 years of blogging about Eleuthera !

  1. Thursday, 10 AM EST=a great read.

    i appreciate your industry, intelligence and talent, putting out these gems.

    1. How far is your tongue in your cheek ?????? But thanks for taking the time to write xx

  2. Dear Kathy, Always a true pleasure to read your blogs :)! Congratulations for not missing 1 in 5 years!!! WOW That’s HUGE!!! I for one would be disappointed not to have the opportunity to read you during even 1 week! Kind Regards, Denise

  3. Dear Kathy,

    Even though we have never met, now I feel as though we have. Thank you always for the blogs. They keep me connected to Eleuthera and that means so much to me!

    XX Camilla Ross

    1. So glad that you like the blogs and feel connected to Eleuthera. It is always lovely to read your comments…..

    1. Oh my goodness – no to both of those ! I was a spiritual redhead for about 25 years – never natural ! and now blonde / white ! And as for the teetotal bit – ha !!

  4. LUV that pic of you in Luxor! Glamorous star/model that you are.
    Please post a shot of Top’s upper deck when completed. Stu says that’ll be nice!
    Tell Bob that my dad and uncle owned a not-so-good race horse and that I rode (last time: 7 years ago) English and western. Don’t think we ever discussed that.
    Summer has arrived here in Hadley. Rocker is a lovely color.

    1. Sorry I am late approving this and replying ! The deck is fabulous – or will be soon…..

  5. Kathy, you amaze with everything you do. Congratulations on your tenacity and love of Eleuthera.

    1. Thank you – it means a lot when it’s from the woman who doesn’t read blogs !!!! xx

  6. Kathy, I remember when you vowed to write a blog every week…and you actually did it! And a good one! Thanks for always keeping us informed in your cheery and upbeat manner.

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