And the latest news here in Eleuthera is……

And the latest news here in Eleuthera is not what we really want to hear ….. On island we are now subject to a 6pm – 5am curfew from Monday to Friday with total lockdown over the weekends. Businesses can run as normal – unless you are a restaurant that serves alcohol. Restaurants can open […]

Getting on with life in Eleuthera

This week’s blog is really just about how we are getting on with life in Eleuthera these days. Last Friday was a public holiday here – Bahamas Independence Day – and as a result of the Prime Minister closing all the beaches in Nassau and Grand Bahama – we were fully booked with visitors for […]

News from Da Perk and Tops

This week I bring you news of what is happening at Da Perk and also at our rental house – Tops….. Last week I mentioned that I had persuaded Bob to get some of our workmen to do an evening shift for a couple of days plus work the whole weekend getting the roof deck […]