Getting on with life in Eleuthera

This week’s blog is really just about how we are getting on with life in Eleuthera these days. Last Friday was a public holiday here – Bahamas Independence Day – and as a result of the Prime Minister closing all the beaches in Nassau and Grand Bahama – we were fully booked with visitors for the long weekend.

Thankfully people are being mindful and wearing masks in public – so it seems like all precautions are being adhered to in the main.

Of course this boost means that the restaurants and car rental businesses are also benefiting from the influx of people. The Buccaneer had a great weekend along with La Bougainvillea and now 1648 Bar and grille is open we will be paying them a visit soon. We went to Sunset Inn for Sunday lunch with my Mum and ate delicious baked chicken and potato salad – simple but beautifully cooked. Bob ate grouper fingers and fries – and I must admit I did feel a pang of yearning to eat that myself. I haven’t touched grouper since I got Ciguaterra poisoning in October 2018 – maybe when Bob has that the next time I may just try a couple of mouthfuls and see if there is any reaction.

August 1st means lobster season is open again – and that is something to look forward to in my book. I have eaten that since the poisoning without any ill effects – so I will be waiting with baited breath for that first lobster of the season……

All ready for a big blow – but hopefully it won’t come….

This week we have had all the palm trees at Colman Towers given a severe shaping up in time for any impending hurricanes. They all look as if they have had a major haircut and are possibly sulking a bit as a result !

Having the huge pandanus veitchii pruned and tidied up as well….

The beaches are still pretty empty – and fortunately the sea doesn’t seem too warm – always a good sign at this time of year. And so on we go ……

I am reading a great book at the moment – called Dirt : Adventures in Lyon as a Chef in Training, Father and Sleuth Looking for the Secret of French Cooking. It is by Bill Buford and I LOVE it ! Thanks to good pal Clemens for lending it to me.

Loving this book…..

Rudge and his brother Rufus turned 4 years old this week – happy birthday to them and now just waiting for them to calm down a little given their mature status – yeah – right ????

Rudge at a couple of weeks old – before we had him home ….

Have a great week and stay safe wherever you are…. Oh by the way – I meant to mention that Da Perk are open again for great lunches – always lovely to get something tasty from Horatio …..

and then a few months later….
Litter brothers Rudge and Rufus – such good buddies

6 thoughts on “Getting on with life in Eleuthera”

  1. So sweet to clock the progression of “the boys”….brings a tear….and reminds me how much we miss them when we are off island!

  2. Really love reading your blog Kathy, it always brightens my day!
    Thanks for keeping it up during these trying times,
    Hoping to visit your beautiful island again and reacquainting myself with your veggie lasagna and the yellow house.
    Debbie Dimes

    1. How lovely to hear from you and know that you are reading my ramblings !! We would love to see you here again ……

  3. Dear Kathy, Always greatful for your blogs. I look forward to everyone of them! California is not doing very well with the virus. Keep up the good work, photos and the blogs!

    1. So sorry to hear confirmation that California has problems with the virus – is that where you are ? Do stay safe …..

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