Hard Times Around the World …….

You don’t really need me to remind you that these are hard times around the world – it is there every time we turn on the news or our computers or look on social media. It can be overwhelming and keeping a sense of balance about it all is something that as you all know […]

Eye opening surgery or eyes wide shut ?

So Bob had his surgery – eye opening surgery or eyes wide shut ? Well a bit of both really. Dr Spratt – the lovely eye specialist – did do a great job and we were very fortunate in being able to talk with our good friend Tony Poletti who had the same procedure a […]

Best of Eleuthera- French Leave Restaurant update…..

So I first wrote about the restaurant 1648 at French Leave in December 2014 – but I decided to do an update as well as re-present the original blog. Since opening last December the restaurant has gone from strength to strength and the great news for those of us who live here year round is […]