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In the Best of Eleuthera series I now take a good look at the Market Supermarket in Rock Sound. This is one of the largest food markets on the island – maybe only the North Eleuthera Food Store is comparable in size.

The Market Place Rock Sound
The Market Place Rock Sound

There is a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables thanks now to a bigger and better chiller cabinet that keeps produce in top condition for longer. The feel and flow of the store has been modernized over the last couple of years as well as the equipment so it is a place well worth a visit whether you live here year round or if you are visiting. They have a large and diverse range of products – because they have listened to both what the local population, as well as visitors have told them they would like to be able to buy.

Great map of Eleuthera on the wall outside the Market
Great map of Eleuthera on the wall outside the Market

Gluten free produce ? – you will find that here. Ethnic food supplies for cooking a Thai or Indian meal ? – no problem !  Filo pastry for a new recipe you just found – right there in the freezer. Superfood Goji berries? – yes – fresh cilantro – yes yes yes even at this time of year ! The Market continues to expand it’s range and improve the quality of it’s offer ….

Great selection of speciality foods....
Great selection of speciality foods….
Lovely fresh asparagus in August !!!
Lovely fresh asparagus in August !!!

Coming to visit ? – try the concierge service on line and have it delivered to your rental property or home.

How is that for a good selection of fruit and vegetables .....
How is that for a good selection of fruit and vegetables …..

Here is a bit of background history about the Market…..

The building complex that the Market occupies along with Sturrups liquor store, Rock Sound Hardware and AID motor parts supply – was originally built by Juan Trippe in the late 60’s. The late Albert Sands – patriarch of the Sands family who now own the Market – managed the whole complex for Trippe. He and his wife Claudia Sands leased the market for a year before finally buying it in 1976.

Claudia Sands - owner with Alice Johnson - floor supervisor
Claudia Sands – owner with Alice Johnson – floor supervisor

Their 3 children – Chandra ,Thomas and Christel were all encouraged to follow careers that would be relevant to running the business when they were old enough. Chandra followed business studies in the UK, Thomas studied accountancy and real estate – both in the UK and the US and Christel followed a career in the legal profession. Albert and Claudia Sands wanted to plan a business legacy – and they have been very successful in that wish.

I was very impressed when I was shown around the rack room – a huge investment for the company but which now controls the chiller cabinets , freezers etc – all accessible for them on-line so temperatures in the cabinets can be checked and controlled from anywhere in the world.

The Rack room - for the technically minded among you !
The Rack room – for the technically minded among you !
Control panel - impressive eh !
Control panel – impressive eh !

The store hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8am – 5pm Wednesday 8am – 2pm Friday and Saturday 8am – 7pm  Telephone number for the store is 242 334 2203 or 2356  If you are calling from the US you can call on 954 246 3052

You can also register to receive email notifications every week to let you know what fresh produce is arriving and when it will be available.

Those superfood Goji berries I was mentioning !
Those superfood Goji berries I was mentioning !

Other services that are available from the Market include insurance services –

Real Estate services –

And finally

This is a great facility offering – amongst other things – a dune buggy tour of the fabulous Lighthouse Beach – have a look at the video on Youtube…..   This video tour starts from Princess Cays but not all the dune buggy tours do – just click on the link from Eleuthera Adventure Tours above and pick which information you need …..

Friendly smiling staff.....
Friendly smiling staff…..


So remember to check out the online service for shopping – or pay a visit and be pleasantly surprised at what you can find here……


4 thoughts on “The Market Supermarket Rock Sound – Best of Eleuthera”

  1. I am always looking for fresh cilantro. Thanks for the tip Kathy! And the ‘rack room’. Who knew?! Very impressive set-up. It is a great supermarket – I will plan a trip there soon!

  2. Linda J Turrentine

    My husband and I found the golden egg when we found the market in Rock Sound! Mrs Sands is always beautiful at the cash register, and friendly…remembers us and asks about our grandchildren. Alice Johnson is a GREAT supervisor and she now feels like a good friend who says she keeps an eye on my husband when I am back in the states. Best vegetable variety we have found in the Bahamas, and fresh, clean and beautifully displayed. A class store run by classy people!

    1. It is a great place to have here on the island for sure….. The Sands family took us under their wing when we first moved here 15 years ago and have become great friends – I totally agree with you ! Lovely comments !

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