Bits and Bobs This Week in Eleuthera

So a few bits and bobs to write about here in Eleuthera this week.

The main news is that I had to take Rudge – our beloved potcake – to the vet this week to get him checked out as he has been limping badly and obviously having trouble getting up and down. He is not 8 until July but it does look like it could be problems with his hip and knee joints – most likely to be arthritis.

The first time we saw Rudge and chose him from the litter in Tarpum Bay – he was only about 4 or 5 weeks old

He is scheduled to get some X rays done next Wednesday for which he will have to be sedated and then our lovely vet Dr Italia Sands will be able to tell better what his condition is. In the meantime he is going to have one tablet of Novox-Carprofen which is an anti -inflammatory and pain killer every morning. Noah’s Ark Animal Centre in Rock Sound is a wonderful place – we are very lucky to have a veterinarian permanently here …….

A few weeks later when we brought him home to Buena Vista

So until Rudge has been seen next week he is not allowed to run on the beach with Rufus and Xena – his loves to romp with them and manages it very well but of course it is adrenalin that is fueling him. His spirits are good and he will be a bit glum being on the lead all the time – but that’s how it has to be for now.

Such a lovely boy…..

He will be going to a medical centre in Rock Sound where they have a window in their schedule for X-rays for animals. It is a medical centre for humans but they have a special arrangement . I find it quite amusing as I found out a few weeks ago that in both the US and the UK that severely obese patients in need of X-rays get taken to the zoo where they have facilities for large animals and very large humans.

The world is a strange and wonderful place isn’t it !!

Looking a bit glum here….

Now I want to draw your attention once more to the Educators For Eleuthera Summer Camp. We are still trying to raise sufficient funds for the camp this summer – please check out Dr Claire Verden’s blog from the other week if you missed it. Click on this link here to view it. To make a simple online donation via either Paypal or Venmo – click on  this link  to make a payment.

It has come to my attention that some of you are not receiving the blog every week. Of course if you are not receiving it then you will not be reading this !! however if you have friends who may have mentioned it to you please tell them until we get this glitch fixed they can access it by going to

These orchids are just a riot of color and abundance – the plants that keep on giving !

Finally a quick mention of a couple of books I have enjoyed recently . I wrote before about The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese – it is such a brilliant book – long but worth every moment it took to read. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Another great read was Go As A River by Shelley Read. Many thanks to Sam for passing that one on to me – don’t you love it when someone passes on a great book that you otherwise would probably not have found ? Reading is such a great pastime – I love it when I cannot wait to go to bed to be able to read some more !

That’s all for this week – have a great weekend …….

And a final puppy picture of Rudge – wearing orange of course and Rufus wearing green – OK I’ll stop now ….


1 thought on “Bits and Bobs This Week in Eleuthera”

  1. Poor Rudge! I’ve read that our dog friends will try to appear well to their owners so as not to worry them about their health. But we all know a sad dog when we see one. Rudge is still young and hopefully he can enjoy many more years with you on FL BEACH.

    Sending this article as it was just published and because you’ve featured the club in your blog.The secret is out big time now. Sadly, l missed the soft opening and jazz event.

    Yeah, still not receiving blog notices. That’s okay. Got it via best of Eleuthera.
    Thanks for the educators reminder! I forgot…

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