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This week we have been re-photographing the Yellow House here at Governors Estate. It is quite some time since we took the pictures, so a new set were called for. It is important I think to keep the representations looking up to date.

So on Saturday morning – a beautiful sunny day – in the midst of some very cloudy, rainy and gloomy weather – we set about shooshing the house up to be photographed. It is the details that can make or break a photo – so with the help of a couple of friends – we gussied her up to be picture perfect.

The bedrooms were ‘dressed’ first, along with each of the bathrooms. Personally I don’t like wide angle shots that distort the rooms so I was looking through poor Dominic’s camera at every opportunity.  For those of you who are not familiar with the house here is a brief description……

Looking smart ! The king size suite.....
Looking smart ! The king size suite…..

The house has 4 bedrooms. One on the ground floor with 2 twin beds which can be made into a king . Upstairs there are 3 more bedrooms – 2 king size suites and one with 2 full size beds plus a daybed.  All of the bedrooms in all of our houses have an ensuite shower room. There are no tubs as they use too much of our precious water – and the majority of people do prefer to shower.

Second king size suite....
Second king size suite….
The ensuite bathroom.
The ensuite bathroom.

There is a roof deck – and when there is time and the weather is good Dominic will take some drone shots of the beautiful view from there. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a cold beer or cocktail and look at the spectacular evening skies…….

The room where the children usually stay - 2 full size beds and a daybed
The room where the children usually stay – 2 full size beds and a daybed
The downstairs bedroom - either 2 twins or made up as a king - as it is here.
The downstairs bedroom – either 2 twins or made up as a king – as it is here.

Downstairs there is one large room with the kitchen semi screened off to the side. The dining table easily seats 10 people – and I love the fact that it was made right here on the island. This has been the setting for plenty of parties and large dinners – both for our guests and for ourselves when the house is available. We do call it our party house as it accommodates plenty of people with ease.

The great room - perfect for a party !
The great room – perfect for a party !

The lounge area has 2 large 3 seater sofas and a 2 seater as well. Plus extra people can sit on the built in unit which houses the TV …….

Guess what room this is !!!!
Guess what room this is !!!!

The kitchen is very well equipped and has large amounts of counter space along with all the usual fittings.

This picture cam out so well - my bowl of beach treasure....
This picture came out so well – my bowl of beach treasure….

We are getting all of the houses re photographed so do expect more pictures and details to follow.

With all the rain we have been getting lately the vegetable garden has finally started to flourish. We were very late getting it planted this year as it had to re- sited – slightly because of the disruption of installing the She Beast – our generator ! Which by the way is doing sterling work every time the power goes out !

Anyway – back to the vegetable garden. The salad greens and arugula are plentiful, and in the herb department we now have basil, cilantro, mint and dill – the dill is everywhere and I love to cut small bunches of it to have on the dining table – it looks so pretty and has a delicious smell as well. The tomatoes are late but they are coming along well and hopefully it will not be too long before they are on the table as well. It is a delight to see our guests with a pair of scissors and a bag helping themselves to our lovely fresh fare……

Salad greens just waiting to be eaten
Salad greens just waiting to be eaten
The tomato plants are coming along
The tomato plants are coming along

Two of the apartments at Anchor Point are now in use – the other 4 are going to be ready in the next week or two. Pictures of them very soon…..

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    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Sorry I am late in posting this and replying ….. All our stuff is grown from seed ….. I’m not sure if the Island Farm does to the plants – I must find out. Good to hear from you.

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