This week at Governors Estate Eleuthera


This week we have been re-photographing the Yellow House here at Governors Estate. It is quite some time since we took the pictures, so a new set were called for. It is important I think to keep the representations looking up to date. So on Saturday morning – a beautiful sunny day – in the […]

Christmas is coming – ready or not !! Eleuthera 2017


Just in case you didn’t realize, Christmas 2017 is coming to Eleuthera whether you are ready or not !!!!  Last week on Thursday we had the Exceptional Learners Christmas Pizza party at Tippy’s. As usual there was too much pizza, ice cream, sodas and just about enough presents. The children really enjoy themselves and know […]

Progress reports and what’s new in Governors Harbour


This week I am giving you a progress report on what is happening in Governors Harbour with the Colmans and also a first glimpse of an exciting brand new venture that we all will love I think ! The Modern House is now nearly ready for the first guests – and it will be ready […]