Two new kitchens and a Royal Wedding !


Well this week we have been working like billy-o to install 2 new kitchens and watch the royal wedding ! Busy times at the top of the hill in Governors Harbour. The kitchen in the downstairs apartment at the Peach House was looking a little shabby – it has been in for 13 years now […]

Easter’s gone, now All That Jazz in Eleuthera


So here we are – Easter has gone already and now we are looking forward to All That Jazz here in Eleuthera which starts next week on Wednesday April 11th….  Easter was very busy here on the island. We were totally booked out everywhere and you should have seen how bare the shelves in the […]

All the latest from Governors Harbour Eleuthera


This week – all the latest from Governors Harbour Eleuthera ! – including pictures from the HACE fundraiser and the installation of the new ATM machine at RBC !!! Plus an update on what’s happening at Cigatoo… Not many places where a new ATM is considered newsworthy because in most places they are replaced the […]