Exceptional times with exceptional visitors …..


  This week -exceptional times with exceptional visitors …… otherwise titled Nobs, Nibs, Bobs, Bibs ! It has been said that all roads lead to Rome, well, I must clarify, because apparently all roads lead to Governor’s Harbour. Bob and I had the pleasure of welcoming 5 hungry New Yorkers the other night who were […]

Books for the Exceptional Learners in Governors Harbour


This week we had a lovely time with the students at the Exceptional Learners Center in Governors Harbour and it was all about books !  A few weeks ago I wrote about Lyn and Robert Parlett and how they were behind a project to produce a series of children’s books based on the childhood of […]

Tales from Governors Harbour in May


So this week a few tales from Governors Harbour and the last tale – for now – from New York. The weather has been very unsettled for the last 10 days or so – lots of rain which of course we do welcome. Very overcast and gloomy a lot of the time and the rain […]