A day out to Harbour Island

Last Friday Bob had the idea that Jane deserved a day off from the relentless work of moving in to Sprawling Towers so we all took a trip to Harbour Island for a lovely leisurely lunch. Of course it is a long drive and it is a work of major concentration missing all those darn potholes but the lunch we ate at Da Vine Sushi was definitely well worth it.

Crab and cucumber salad on the left and salmon something delicious on the right – both were brilliant

As we were sitting outside the owner – Paul King – turned up and recommended the dishes we should try. And they were a great selection I must say. Of course , probably one too many but better that in my book rather than one too few !

This seafood noodle dish was also really good – and it looked beautiful as well….
This was a tempura dish – I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called but as was all the food – fabulous ! There were other dishes as well but I didn’t get pictures of them all….

Jane left on Saturday to return to England after a grueling couple of weeks helping us move – and finally we are in the new house permanently. I have written before of how grateful I am and how much we both miss her when she leaves – but I will say it again !! We miss you….

Last Thursday night we cooked our first meal in the new kitchen and I have to say that I love the induction hob I chose. It is easy to control and unlike the gas cooktops here you can get it to the lowest simmer point. The other thing I absolutely love is the pop-up outlet set in to the island countertop. I can lay my phone on it to charge without needing a cable and then push it down when I want to use an appliance on the island. I am sure there will be other things that I regale you with – oh yes – I just remembered to thank lovely Ebee Tullos who recommended an LG dishwasher which I also love. Thanks for the top tip !

Just loving this kitchen and cooking in it…
So very useful …

The beach is looking fabulous at the moment – it has been stripped clean of a lot of the seaweed that had been there for a couple of months and a huge amount of sand has been shifted around. It is amazing how the beach changes – as anyone who has a beach side property can attest to. Steps that reached down to the sand now find themselves 4 feet up in the air after all the stormy weather.

Perfect for a good walk.

The Island Farm is now baking bread on Tuesdays and Fridays – back to the original baking days. We had some lovely homemade sandwiches using the Cuban white bread from them this week. I also popped a couple of different breads into the freezer which will be useful.

Oooh that lovely bread !

I have been told about a great new store called Location – it is next to Judy Simmons store just north of Governors Harbour. It sells Resort wear and gifts. Sorry I just have not had time to check it out yet but hopefully by next week’s blog I will have had a good look around . In the meantime if you use Instagram you can see them at location_elh

The island is getting busy with visitors already – looks like it should be a very good season……

Take care and make time to have the occasional long leisurely lunch.

Bob took this the other evening – deep in the depths of online browsing – terrible picture – double chins and too much leg but it’s no good only posting the flattering ones

And finally – a great shot of the rain out at sea passing by one morning this week…

11 thoughts on “A day out to Harbour Island”

  1. Beautiful new home! Where did you buy your couch? We’re looking at couches now to order.Also so nice to finally meet you, Jane and Bob Saturday at Buccaneer!We walked twice this week around 3:30 on French Leave beach with our dog.It looked like it might have been you and your dog in the distance along with someone else and their dog?

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      Thank you ! The couch is actually a long discontinued one from Ikea with Sunbrella covers I had made for it. I will I could still get it ! Yes – that would have been us on the beach with a total of 3 dogs – the 2 black ones – one mine, one Dan’s – are not that good with other dogs – particularly if it is just one other dog which is why we turned around – in the name of good relations !!!

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      Thank you Jane – I love it more when my new fridge and freezer are working – getting the stainless steel door panels fitted has been a bit of a nightmare – but nearly done now !

  2. Congratulations Bob and Kathy. Sprawling Towers looks roomy and comfortable. Love the kitchen! Also the incredible view. Enjoy and rest a while…
    Eileen and Ian.

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      Thank you both – you are spot on – roomy and comfortable… The kitchen is a joy to work in . Trying to pace ourselves and get a rest every now and then – but still so much to do. But it can all happen slowly ……

  3. Hahaha! I love how I managed to squeak into the blog because of my very badly mannered dog! Just goes to show “you can run, but you cannot hide!”

  4. Congratulations on your new home! It’s beautiful! Love and Peace to Bob and you and many years of love in your new home!
    Sending hugs. Hope to see you on our next visit at Christmas.

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      Thank you so much…. Can’t wait to get it properly organized ! See you at Christmas. Love to you both and lovely as always to hear from you x

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