A food slant this week in Eleuthera

Well you may not be surprised to hear that this week’s blog has a definite food slant ! It all started with a lovely evening here in Eleuthera spent with friends and our host Maithili – who cooked a delicious Sri Lankan chicken curry. The company was fun and the food was great – plus I got to take some home as well – result !

Good company, good food and a host who takes a picture for the blog

On Sunday we had arranged for Francis Plakaris and his lovely wife Gina to come and cook for us and our guests – including my Mum Mary of course. Francis and Gina run the wonderful Front Porch Restaurant in Hatchet Bay as you may know. But fortunately for us they also do private catering of the highest quality in the comfort of your own home. We had discussed the menu previously of course – we had sautéed grouper, salad and home made bread – followed by rum cake with ice cream and all of it was beautifully garnished. Everything was light and tasty, simple and delicious. I cannot recommend Francis and Gina highly enough – you can contact Francis on 242 554 5483 The kitchen was immaculate when they had finished which is an added delight.

Gina and Francis – really lovely to have in your kitchen…..
Lovely to have in your kitchen when they turn out food like this – and the picture below is the salad that went with the main course

Guests at the table….

Bob had put his lower back out about 10 days ago and he had no option but to fly to Ft Lauderdale to see the chiropractor. I have written about the wonderful Dr David Steiner before and once again he sorted Bob out. This was a quick short notice trip booked on Monday – we flew into FL on Tuesday at lunch time – Bob also saw the dermatologist first then we went on to the chiropractor. Then we flew back to Governors Harbour on Wednesday lunchtime. Thanks to Aztec Air who have flights now on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Of course Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and I knew that all the restaurants would be packed out – but we managed to get a reservation at Bombay Darbar on Las Olas Blvd. The pictures say it all !

Steaming tandoori chicken plus a Goan shrimp curry – heaven ….
Happiness is being about to tuck into a big plateful of Indian food

It really was a lightening quick trip – tiring but absolutely worth it. Of course Bob’s back is very sore at the moment but that will fade hopefully fairly quickly.

Finally on Wednesday morning after Bob’s second chiropractic treatment we celebrated by going to the Egg N You Diner on US1. Sometimes a good cooked breakfast is just what the doctor ordered – right ?

Such a treat !

So to all our American readers happy Presidents Day on Monday – and to my Mum Mary – Happy 96th Birthday on the same day ……

Have a great weekend and take good care of each other……

I think I have posted a photo of the Hard Rock Hotel at Seminole before – but it bears seeing again – sitting at the traffic lights is much more fun when you are looking at a guitar shaped building !
Fellow passengers – a slightly nervous English setter and his Dad – my Mum’s favorite – dog I mean not Dad although who knows ?
Always a great sight – the border control building at FXE thanks for the picture Bob ! xx



2 thoughts on “A food slant this week in Eleuthera”

  1. From two foodaholics to another, woman, that was scrumptiously colorful and appetizing food. Nice.
    Love the spotted setter – majestic hesitancy.
    In answer to your last blog question to me, we two pale faces arrive in GHB next Tuesday.
    SO looking forward to visiting with you again!
    Happy Birthday to your mum. She’s outlived the Queen! Hope she remembers us…
    Nice Asian inspired red orange lacquer chairs.
    Tell Bob he needs to chill especially in light of family due in soon.
    LD xo

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