Easing in to 2023 in Eleuthera

Yes dear readers – here we are easing our way in to 2023 – hoping that it’s a good one for you all. We spent a lot of time socializing and entertaining between Christmas and New Year  – so come New Year’s Eve we decided to hunker down at home and have a quiet night and early to bed ….. We didn’t even hear the fireworks at midnight that several places had so that was a good sign of a sound nights sleep!

These sunrises are so beautiful…..

I read a fabulous book during the new year weekend – called Left on Tenth by Delia Ephron it is a memoir of love and illness and is a really wonderful read. I found it on the That’s Not My Age blog – a review of great books that various writers recommended. This is often a good way to find new books that otherwise we would not come across…..

We also watched the last episode in the series of Slow Horses on Apple TV – this is a British spy series starring Gary Oldman as a very down at heel member of MI5 – and the beautiful Kristin Scott Thomas as well. I recommend that along with a very moving documentary called Stutz on Netflix about the psychiatrist Philip Stutz. Made by a patient of his -the actor Jonah Hill – we are going to watch it again as I am sure I missed a lot of the finer details of it.

If you can access the BBC channel there is a great 3 part documentary called The Mayfair Hotel Megabuild which is a feat of engineering that defies all logic. It charts a 7 year period when a five story basement was added to Claridges while the hotel remained open – it is extraordinary program and achievement and also happens to be a hotel dear to our hearts as well. Watch it if you can and sorry if you cannot access it. Actually I just checked and it looks like it may be available on Youtube ! so I have posted a link on the name of the program.

So seeing friends, reading and watching some good programs – doesn’t sound like the most exciting life – but we are enjoying it as well as cracking on again with more at Sprawling Towers. Taking our time and getting the feel of the house whilst enjoying all that we have now. Seems like a good way to start the year – right ?

So Dame Vivienne Westwood the godmother of punk died last week and I decided to pay her homage by wearing a Vivienne Westwood sweater gifted to me by my dear friend Jane Bower. I haven’t worn it in a very long time and after about 10 minutes I remembered why – it is so very itchy and scratchy – but I persevered in her memory and oh my goodness the relief when I took it off  – but I kept it on for the whole evening !

The island is busy and the weather ,after a cool blustery hiccup around the holidays, is beautiful again. Hope that life is puttering on in a good way for you all too – and for those going through difficult times – hang in there – everything changes in time – that is the nature of life……

So this picture was taken in January 2005 – just after we had moved here. We went out fishing with Thomas and Natasha Sands and Bob was very proud of having caught this fish…..
Now I didn’t actually catch this fish – but I posed with it because I thought it was such a funny contrast ! 18 years ago – can you believe it ????


8 thoughts on “Easing in to 2023 in Eleuthera”

  1. That is one gorgeous Mahi Mahi! What color.
    Your lavender peach sunrise is heavenly like eye candy.
    Thanks for your viewing suggestions. We prefer British, Australian, South African, Danish and Canadian productions over American TV that sadly seems to cater to sensationalism, simplistic plots and dolled up people instead of focusing upon great acting and complex storylines. Currently starting the book “Conversations with Greta Garbo” published in Great Britain as “Garbo on Garbo.” Simply not enough time to enjoy all the world has to offer. PEACE…XO

  2. Happy New Year Kathy and Bob! We love your house and wish you all the best! Thank you for your beautiful blog. It keeps us informed, makes us laugh, reminds us what is important in life. Thank you!
    Big hugs to you both and many years of happiness!
    Big hugs waiting for you on our next trip!
    With love,
    Christina and Dale

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      How lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind words…. Looking forward to seeing you when you are here next – make sure that you stop by the house to deliver those hugs ! xx

  3. Greetings.
    I hope you can shed some light on the Eleuthera 2023. From some strange calling about 3 years ago I have wanted to live there. It was actually after I read an article in men’s health magazine about Lenny Kravits stay over during the height of the pandemic. Then I saw it from the sky when returning from a trip to Aruba. Recently I was eating out in Ormond Beach Fl and having a conversation with a young bartender. To my surprise she was well traveled in the Bahamas, and I told her about my infinity to be in Eleuthera. To my surprise she told me her grandmother lives there and is moving because it is becoming really busy and crowded. And that it is not the same as it used be. Could you shed some light on the present status of life there for me, if you don’t mind.
    Thanks for any time you give to the this in advance.

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      Well it all depends on your point of view – nothing stays unchanged forever…. We have been here nearly 19 years now and still love it. The island has grown with plenty of vacation rental properties and that has brought growth – thankfully – to local businesses. The only way to assess it is to come and spend some time here yourself !

  4. Thank you. I am committed to do so. Regarding my point of view. I guess what I am wondering is does Eleuthera still offer the piece of paradise one should expect in a remote island?

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