Eleuthera Island Farm is rocking !

Yes – after a visit this week to Eleuthera Island Farm I can tell you it is rocking ! – super busy and super stocked ….. I visited on a Tuesday – which as a lot of you will know is a bread baking day. I arrived about 9.30 am and the queue to pay was huge. Collect what you want to buy and then get on line to pay and start chatting ! I waited for about 35 minutes on line – but instead of getting frustrated and antsy – I decided to enjoy just talking with people and taking my time.

This is the line to pay …..

I bought one of their freshly baked chicken pot pies – I haven’t eaten it yet but it looks good. perfect for one of those evenings when you don’t want to go out but also don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking ….. They also make meat lasagnas as well but of course I won’t be sampling that dish.

That chicken pot pie looks great doesn’t it ?

The amount of people there was very encouraging – the island is very busy at the moment and a lot of the visitors were there ! I asked Rea how many loaves they bake on average and she told me it can be anything between 200 and 500 – that’s a lot of bread.

Lovely fresh herbs and produce

Personally we love the white Cuban loaf – but while I was online a basket of the most delicious smelling bread was put out – turns out it was dill and onion – and I can tell you that the warm loaf did not make it home in one piece. I just had to tear off the crust and eat it whilst driving home. It reminded me of being a child and nibbling bits of the crust off a new loaf and then trying to explain it when I got home !!

Lasagna in the chiller ….

Make sure you make time to visit the Farm next time you are on island – I also recommend the fresh herb infused dipping oil – delicious with any of the breads ….. Of course the fresh greens, herbs and vegetables are all super fresh – I stocked up on their leeks to make my favorite leek, potato and parmesan quiche.

A lovely sunset while we were at 1648

I was going to say that’s enough about food but I want to fill you in on the lovely time we had at 1648 celebrating my Mum’s birthday last week. She thought it was just going to be the 3 of us – but in fact there were 8 in total – so a nice little surprise for her …… We went early at 6pm so that we were finished at a decent time and the staff there did her proud. I love the Creamy Lobster Pasta – but must try something different next time as I have had that the last couple of times I have been there.

Mary being smothered in birthday kisses courtesy of Mike Taglich…..

They served up a delicious birthday desert as well which was passed around and everyone had a spoonful of – the perfect way to finish the evening……..

Lovely !
And now a couple of doggy pictures – it’s been a while – right ?
Xena with her favorite bumper at the beach….. She will swim and fetch it as many times as you can throw it ….
Of course the boys are too macho for toys and prefer a good old stick …..

8 thoughts on “Eleuthera Island Farm is rocking !”

  1. I just want to say ! I Love You Blog !
    I’m a Hurricane Dorian Survivor…
    Original from Eleuthera…
    Now liven in Idaho ..
    I miss my home land …
    I want to come back someday , but first I have to get life back on track….
    I did rental cleaning / caretaking in the Abacos ….
    Thank you for the joy I feel from reading your blog .

    1. How lovely to hear from you Sheena and to know that you enjoy reading the blog…… You just made my day with your comments ! I am sure that you will make it back here to enjoy life in the Bahamas again – good luck and keep on reading the blog. Every Thursday it comes out……

  2. Midge Adams and Judith Dncan

    Tuesday’s queue at the Farm shop was reminiscent of Britain in WW ll. Without the need for Ration Books ! We are two war babies !

    1. That is funny ! – I was born in 53 so I had a ration book but by then it was all over. Lovely to hear from you ……

  3. We LOVE Eleuthera Island Farm! Ann is an amazing bread baker.The herb challah rolls are our favorite.Their salad dressing and salsas are wonderful too.Great cheeses…Your mum looks amazing for her 90’s.

    1. Thanks Lynn – I will tell her – she will love that ! One of my other favorites from the farm is their pesto – on slices of baguette, topped with a little chopped tomato and drizzled with the dipping oil – heated in the oven for 10 minutes – perfect bruschetta appetizer …..

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