Feeling gratitude in Governors Harbour

This week I am feeling a real sense of gratitude here at home in Governors Harbour. There was a lovely evening at La Bougainvillea last Thursday where a fundraiser was held in aid of the victims of Hurricane Dorian here in the Bahamas. Many of you will have seen the continuing pictures of the catastrophic damage and destruction in Abaco and Grand Bahama and raising funds is a vital part of feeling that you can contribute in some small way.

A pair of Toms ! Marazza and Morales ….

It is always difficult to feel that what you are doing is a just a drop in the ocean of an overwhelming problem – but I strongly believe that it should never stop you from doing anything at all. If we all do a little then that can amount collectively to a lot.

It was a windy evening hence the mad hair – on me anyway ! Percy from Nassau, me Cassandra and Bob…

The evening at La Bougainvillea was not a huge gathering – after all this is a time of year when not that many people are here – but there was a real atmosphere of caring . The staff are exceptionally caring and kind and they seem to bring out the best in people… There was live music by Skip and Jackie Miller and a great backing band. There were fabulous pizzas from the kitchen and a rousing and heartfelt speech from Jason Thompson – chairman of HACE and a leading member of the Men of Faith organisation that does charitable work across the Bahamas. This organisation was responsible for the fundraising on that night and they did a great job…..

They are the guys in the orange shirts at the top – sorry it is such a bad picture !!

Kathy, Galen and a back view of the gorgeous Jennifer

People gave a donation of their choice on arrival and Tom Marrazza donated monies raised by the restaurant. Items were given for a silent auction – but sorry to tell you we left before that happened ! Anyway in the scheme of things it was a decent amount of money raised towards a vast and unfathomable need……

Marilyn, Dwayne and Jennifer

As always in the face of these awful happenings you have to be grateful for the small joys that you find in day to day living. Somehow my father taught me that happiness is not some mythical place that you eventually reach when you have achieved this that and the other but it is to be found in the small things that bring you joy every day if you look for them.

As you are all too well aware food is often a big part of that for me – and the joy that Stephanie and Johnathan are spreading through their business at Sweet and Savory has played a part in the everyday delights of life here. They have a few new items on their menu and I have particularly been enjoying their shrimp wrap – I have it without bacon but Bob enjoys it with and we are both happy ! I keep on meaning to get a picture of the food – but of course it is always afterwards that I remember …..

The welcome I received from the students at the Centre for Exceptional Learners was another source of joy for me this week when yoga classes started again. Hugs galore and huge smiles – as well as a couple of nervous ones from the new students made my day.

The sun is shining – the beaches are beautiful and we continue to be grateful for the visitors that are still coming. At the moment we have visitors from the US, Spain and France…..

Thank you to everyone who continue to support the Bahamas…….

Off to the UK on the day you read this – well as long as you are reading it on the day it is published …. So tales of our travels next week…..

These next 2 pictures are just things I saw when we were in Fort Lauderdale last in a fabulous artist’s supply shop called Blick which gave me pleasure – this one of course is all about the color …
and the texture of these brushes were gorgeous….

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