Gratitude , a marathon and other snippets.

This week I want to talk about gratitude, a marathon and a couple of other snippets – in other words – not a whole lot going on here !

My nephew back in England – Sam Chambers – undertook to run his first ever marathon. It comes under the aegis of the London Marathon but in actuality meant that he chose his own course and ran it on his own. Well apart from a couple of friends who ran the last 8 miles with him. He picked a course which was extremely hilly – but obviously he was happy with it and ran a time of 4 hours 39 minutes. Very good for a first time marathon and one run on his own ….. The furthest he had ever run before was about 16 miles so of course we are all immensely proud of him. He raised around 900 pounds for his chosen charity – and I am going to quote the clubs information.

Beautiful setting …. Sam is on the left.

“The Northampton Saints Foundation are a registered charity that are heavily associated with Northampton Saints Rugby Football Club. The rugby club was founded in 1880 by Reverend Samuel Wathen Wigg, initially as a “boys improvement class”. The intended outcome was to give children of an unruly background an opportunity to channel their energy into something productive, namely playing rugby union as it is known today. 
That initial outcome forms the bedrock of what the Foundation stands for today – giving EVERYONE an opportunity. The Foundation works closely with students of all ages across a variety of programmes, ranging from engaging young school children in fun educational sessions to working with young adults who are NEET – Not in Education, Employment or Training. To this day, the Northampton Saints Foundation is an integral part of the local community. “

Don’t you just love the bit about children of an unruly background !!

Anyway – very proud of Sam and what he achieved……

And crossing his finish line….

Bacchus Fine Foods closes this Friday – this comes under snippets of information as well as the gratitude banner ! We regularly buy great bread from them and you can rest assured that our freezer will be very well stocked before Friday. Plus I just bought a 2 pound block of their lovely Parmesan cheese. It is a great spot for lunch on the deck as well as supplying plenty of other produce and groceries. Although we will miss it being open – I do love to look forward to a grand re-opening later in the year.

Bob and I have talked a lot about feeling gratitude for all sorts of things during these last few months – gratitude that his surgery went well, gratitude for the ongoing project of Sprawling Towers, gratitude for my sister being able to come out again and support us. And now gratitude that Cassius – his son – is here with us for 10 days. More family support and some fun times as well – although nothing too wild just yet.

Gratitude at being together outside the lovely Colman Towers

But other peoples gratitude has also just given us a huge boost. This is a review posted on Airbnb from a family group who stayed at very short notice in apartment 2 at Anchor Point

“Put simply, Anchor Point is one of the best places to stay on the beautiful island of Eleuthera. Located in the island’s capital, Governor’s Harbour, it is the perfect place to be when it comes to access to essential services such as banking and medical care. It is also steps away from the beach with a view of the same that makes for a tranquil and peaceful stay. As for design and decor, the unit is beautifully built and the interior tastefully curated with best-in-class appliances and amenities. Each bedroom is a sanctuary on its own with ensuite bathrooms. Two connecting balconies make for added space and options to settle for breakfast in the morning, or an evening libation while watching the sunset. This spacious unit comfortably accommodated our group and gave us all enough room to breathe. The kitchen was also a dream, as it was fully stocked with pots, pans, and dishes, and cleaning supplies. A washer and dryer meant that we had the option to wash before we left. It is equipped with a smart TV as well as cable television and internet, which makes for the perfect work from home getaway. And because it is centrally located in Governor’s Harbour, food and liquor stores are all within walking distance. The gas station is also not very far away. Joy & Dom were consummate hosts, who were in contact at every turn. They made sure we knew that we could reach them at any time. Dom was present at check-in and made us feel at home. Even when we had an issue that we explained, he was more than understanding and accommodating. This made us feel like treasured guests. All in all, this was the absolute best choice for our family trip and provided us solace that we needed during a very difficult time. Will definitely be back soon! Thanks Joy & Dom.”

“Joy & Dom, Thank you so much for sharing Anchor Point with my family and me. In one of our most difficult times, Anchor Point was certainly that – an anchor. As we mourned the loss of our patriarch, it brought us peace in our time of need, provided solace in moments of sadness, and made us feel at home every time we walked through the door. As we wrote in the guest book, it was beautifully stunning and made us happy. Thank you again for sharing! “

In fact they booked in at very short notice to attend a family funeral – and how lovely to have such appreciation shown for providing them with somewhere to stay during a very sad time… When I read this out to Bob we both talked about how lovely it was to have provided a place that gave them comfort and a sense of being cared for. This is one of the reasons we loved having all the rental homes.

We are down to owning 3 apartments at Anchor Point and the 2 here at Colman Towers and our time as vacation rental property owners is drawing to a close – but I am filled with gratitude for this moving review.

I have been meditating in the morning up on our roof deck – and the view is so beautiful. It lifts my heart to recognize what a wonderful place we live in.
Starting work on some of the roof detail at Sprawling Towers that will conceal the guttering to carry the rainwater into the water cistern.

And finally – a great picture that my sister Jane took when she was here – I know it looks like this spider is flying through the air but in fact it is spinning it’s web and is held in place….

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