Sprawling Towers and Bob’s progress.

Not too much to tell you this week – but news of Sprawling Towers and Bob’s progress post operatively.

First Sprawling Towers – the roof joists are pretty much all in place now. It is going to be a flat roof – well apart from a small angle on it so that we collect all the rainwater into the multiple downpipes that feed into the water cisterns. There are four foot overhangs all around – apart from giving it a great look it will also help to screen the direct sunlight.

Dominic Cant who you will remember is half of the team that runs Governors Harbour Collection also has another talent as a photographer. He took some drone shots last week that are spectacular – well I think they are anyway but of course I know I am totally biased !

Drone shots just give such a sense of scale and place and are such a great development in photography. I remember about 10 or 12 years ago we asked a pilot on a charter flight we were taking to Nassau to do a detour and fly over Governors Estate so we could take some ariel shots of the development – how times and technology change ….

Now on to Bob – well the surgery was successful – not quite as good as the surgeon Dr Susheel Wadhwa had hoped for but considerably better than it was and at least safe and stable now.

We had FaceTime calls while Bob was in the hospital which made a huge difference to just talking on the phone – at least the hospital and very kind nursing staff made that possible.

He was discharged on Saturday – his surgeon said that he knew I would be stricter than the nurses were so he was happy to release him into my care. We were very generously loaned the Nassau home of Martin and Marcie who are back in Canada at the moment. It has been perfect – a single storey house with every possible thing you could need for nursing your husband ! It has a slightly elevated position so you can see and hear the sea – at times it almost felt like being on a mini vacation – especially when I actually managed to swim a couple of lengths of the pool ….

And now some technical pictures for you !

X-ray side view showing the front cage and the plates at the rear
Rear X-ray showing the 2 plates on the C6 vertebra securing it above and below

We are flying home on Wednesday- I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon. We have had our antigen tests and have our travel visas so we are all set to go. Although this place has been a wonderful gift I know that when we walk through the door of Buena Vista a huge sense of being embraced will surround us and a new phase of recovery for Bob will start to happen.

Again thank you for all the messages of encouragement and support – it means a great deal at this time to feel the genuine love and support that has been coming through to us…..

Final shot at Sprawling Towers for this week ……

The windows and some of the doors are currently being crated in Florida so we should be receiving those in the next 10 days or so …..

13 thoughts on “Sprawling Towers and Bob’s progress.”

  1. so glad your husband is in recovery and you got to stay in Nassau. Your house is looking pretty impressive wow. I hope you are both well.

  2. Our best to Bob. So many arrangements to make it all happen.
    Sprawling Towers is that for sure with the best of all design ideas implemented. Stay safe.
    Donna and Stuart

  3. Good to hear bobs on the mend and make sure nurse Colman is taking a little time for herself sending healing love and light from Sedona xxx

  4. Kathy and Bob, what a relief to have Bob’s operation behind you. Bob, you have an incredible woman by your side.
    Sprawling Towers looks fantastic. It must have been a thrill to see it from above.
    Love to both, Eileen and Ian.

    1. Thank you Eileen – it is a huge relief and the project of Sprawling Towers is a great incentive to help Bob through recovery. Love to you both as well….

  5. Hi Kathy,
    So happy that Bob had his surgery. Sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery. Thinking of you both.
    Roselyn Drake

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