Easter and other treats in Governors Harbour

So we enjoyed the 4 day break that Easter brought along with other treats here in Governors Harbour and of course Bocce coming up this weekend. On Good Friday Bob and I treated ourselves to a lovely lunch at La Bougainvillea. We shared a chicken satay followed by a huge sushi roll which was absolutely […]

A joyous night for HACE in Eleuthera.

Monday 15th April – the day after the Jazz Festival finished – was a joyous night raising funds for HACE in Eleuthera. It was held at La Bougainvillea and they were fabulous hosts. Plenty of people came and ate as well as those who just came to enjoy the music. Quite a few of the […]

Didja ever get one of those days ?

Well – as Elvis Presley sang ‘ Didja ever get one of those days ?’  When nothing goes right from morning till night – didja ever get one of those days ? Well I did this week – but these days pass …. Anyway here is the story of that day ……. Rudge and Ceci […]