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This week we are gearing up for Summer Camp in Governors Harbour so I am handing the blog over to Dr Claire Verden who has written this great piece …… “As the weather gets warmer and the end of the school year comes ever closer, it’s time to think about what children will do over the long summer weeks when …

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This last week we have had two Exceptional parties and another celebration – our 24th wedding anniversary ….. First the two parties for the Exceptional Learners here in Governors Harbour.  The first was the Christmas pizza party at Tippy’s with all the usual bags of gifts , fizzy drinks, ice cream and pizza that we do at the end of …

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This week -exceptional times with exceptional visitors …… otherwise titled Nobs, Nibs, Bobs, Bibs ! It has been said that all roads lead to Rome, well, I must clarify, because apparently all roads lead to Governor’s Harbour. Bob and I had the pleasure of welcoming 5 hungry New Yorkers the other night who were both spellbound and mystified by …

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