A visit to Bacchus Healthcare in Spanish Wells.

This week Bob and I made a visit to Bacchus Healthcare in Spanish Wells. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and I drove us up there in my lovely new car ! This is it’s longest journey yet and it was absolutely perfect … Anyway that is incidental ….. Bob had an appointment to […]

A Birthday to Remember in Governors Harbour

Well this last weekend certainly gave me a birthday to remember here in Governors Harbour. I love it when my birthday falls on the weekend – particularly on a Saturday so you have Sunday to get over it – right ? It is very difficult to find anything to buy as presents here in Eleuthera […]

A writing and wellness workshop at Governors Estate !

So very happy to tell you about a writing and wellness workshop for women that is happening here at Governors Estate in May. I am a big fan – and I know I have written about it here before – of a website and blog called Women Who Live On Rocks.  Well the retreat is […]