A Birthday to Remember in Governors Harbour

Well this last weekend certainly gave me a birthday to remember here in Governors Harbour. I love it when my birthday falls on the weekend – particularly on a Saturday so you have Sunday to get over it – right ?

It is very difficult to find anything to buy as presents here in Eleuthera and to be honest as you get older there is very little that you actually want or need – I buy books whenever I hear of them or see them and those are usually the only things where I think – oh that would be great to have.

So for Bob to come up with anything as a birthday gift it is very challenging. But he totally pulled it out of the hat this year…… A champagne breakfast delivered to our door at 7am on Saturday morning. And then served to me in bed – what a fantastic surprise !

Just look at all this – and this was the book I was reading at the time !! Such a lucky woman !

There was yoghurt and granola with fresh raspberries – a real favorite of mine – smoked salmon and creme fraiche – warm mini croissants and raspberry jam – and of course a bottle of delicious ice cold champagne !!! Spoilt or what !

A visit from Dan Blow later in the morning brought me a birthday tiara as well as birthday sunglasses and some very tasty homemade savory cookies.

I felt thoroughly pampered and it was only 8am by this time …… We always wake up early so this was the perfect time for it to be delivered and devoured.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and pootling around – a trip to the beach in the afternoon with Rudge and Jane – meeting up with Rufus and Xena for a playdate and a flounder in the ocean then off to Bacchus Fine Foods with Angelika and Sandy for a curry party. How good can it get ?

Sipping Cremante – see previous blog !! – before heading out to Bacchus Fine Foods for the curry party …..
Lovely picture with my sister Jane who I need to thank for all the great photos in this blog…..
Couldn’t wait to get stuck in – so delicious …..

Yanni – Angelika’s son joined us for a funny night – eating drinking and dancing – such a good time. Isn’t it shocking though when you remember how you could sing along and dance for hours – now after a couple of tracks – well one if I’m honest – I need a sit down. Note to self – get fitter so I can dance for longer !

Such a lovely night…..

Sunday was spent recovering – although we went to La Bougainvillea for lunch and they presented me with a very special desert !

Lunch at La Bougainvillea the day after with Mum and Jane – Bob was taking the picture…..
Just look at that for a desert – how kind and thoughtful…..

Back to work on Monday and getting a great selection of outdoor furniture put together for Yellow House , Tops roof deck and a bit more for Sweetcorn House. Comfy lounging furniture has not been very abundant – but all that is changing now….. Watch out for more pictures…….

This indoor / outdoor sofa is so comfortable – Ikea of course ! The Yellow House will be getting more of them …….

I want to tell you about a gorgeous meal we ate at Dan and Larry’s house on Cupid’s Cay. Not a single picture was taken – but the meal was very special. We started with home made crackers and a great cheese selection brought by the lovely Shannon Curran who was also a guest …… Then we had calamari tempura style. The presentation was beautiful – all on individual plates with a spicy sauce to go with it. Next up was a sesame noodle salad – again in beautiful little Japanese bowls – just the right amount. Then sumptuous scallops in a tasty sauce and finally a rice flour cake for desert.

The meal was a perfect balance – small beautifully presented plates of such tasty food – thanks to Dan and Larry of course for another great evening…..

Beautiful pink birthday roses brought in by Cindy Pinder – many thanks……

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  1. Happy birthday Kathy ❤️So glad you had such a lovely day surrounded by family and friends! Wishing you continued good health and happiness all year!

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