It’s nearly Christmas – are you ready ?

Yes dear readers – it is nearly Christmas – are you ready ? Here in Eleuthera, personally,  we choose to make it a lovely low key celebration. We have been working very hard on the new house so it will be lovely to be able to relax and take a breather for a while with no workmen around.

These are all old pictures from over the years that I took for Christmas – some you may have seen before but they are all still pertinent for the holiday season….

But I do want to tell you about a wonderful young man who has fitted a security system for us as well as getting our internet all hooked up and functioning as well.

We have had a fibre optic connection from Cable Bahamas which I am assured is going to be highly reliable. Up until last weekend we had relied on a portable hotspot which had been pretty reliable although it only worked in the living area and kitchen. If we wanted to go online in the bedroom or the far end of the house we had to use our phones as hotspots.

Anyway I happened to meet Jeremiah Durosier a while ago on the dock in Governors Harbour and we arranged that he would advise us on a security system. Now when we are here we have the best security available – Rudge – who lets us know if anyone is around. But of course there will be times when we are away and Rudge will not be in residence. So we decided on a Ring system which many of you will already be familiar with.

Jeremiah recommended the number of cameras we would need and also a mesh system for the internet connection – does this mean anything to you ? Well I think that basically it magnifies and spreads the internet connection over a large area so that the system all works ! Not the most technical of explanations but you get the idea I think….

Anyway over the period of a couple of days he and a co-worker got the system set up and running – as well as connecting up the new TV to the internet. I cannot recommend Jeremiah highly enough. He is calm, efficient, reliable and gets the job done. We are absolutely delighted with the results and what he has done for us. He is up to date with all the latest technology and very knowledgeable. I am sure that we have not even scraped the surface of what he is capable of – so do please contact him for any needs that you may have …… His phone number is 242 554 4734 and his email is –

I am sure that if you use him you will be as happy with his services as we are – and he is more than fair in what he charges.

Dear long suffering Joe Louis who put up with wearing reindeer horns – for about 10 seconds ….

And so back to Christmas. It is a holiday that has huge pressures in the media and in our own expectations to be a time of pure unmitigated delight – but we all know that the reality can most often be a totally different story. Maybe you are caring for someone who is ill – Charmian and Stephen thinking particularly of you far from home  – maybe you have lost someone very dear to you and this time of year seems particularly cruel. Maybe you are lonely and alone, or suffering from mental health issues. Maybe you have a family but the situation is far from ideal  – I could go on with a list as long as your arm. Please just take some time to look around you and spread whatever comfort and understanding you can wherever you can see the need.

This was taken a good few years ago when dear Chris Gosling used to dress up as Santa for a Christmas party organized by Agatha Bethel for local children. The truth is that he actually looked like Santa Claus all year long !

Bob and I wish you a calm and peaceful holiday season – whether you are on your own or with plenty of people around you be kind to yourselves as well as others and find a little joy in the mundane everyday events that can make a day filled with at least a few moments that lift your heart ……

Love this picture that Cassius – Bob’s son staged for me on French Leave Beach – the Santa figure is actually about 3″ tall !

And finally

Inflatables galore at Buena Vista a few years ago …..

7 thoughts on “It’s nearly Christmas – are you ready ?”

  1. Dear Kathy and Bob, here in Toronto a huge winter storm is approaching and your photograph of penguins on French Leave made me long for a walk on ‘our’
    Relax and enjoy a well deserved time in your beautiful new home.
    Happy holidays and our warmest good wishes for 2023. Love, Eileen and Ian.

    1. Lovely to hear from you …. Stay safe and warm and enjoy all the good things that life brings you. Hope to see you on the beach in 2023 xx

  2. What a wonderful blog, Kathy. I stumbled across if whilst researching Eleuthera for a trip I would like to make in the next few months. Your musings on Cornwall brought a smile to my face – I went to University in Falmouth 25 years ago and that’s typical of the Cornish to call one a cheapskate. Rick Stein has a restaurant here where I live in Bournemouth, Dorset. It is so true what you said about Christmas, such a difficult time of year for many. Take care and best wishes from across the pond. Matt


      So pleased that you have found the blog….. Maybe we will bump into each other when you make it here…. Happy New Year….

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