A trip to Fort Lauderdale and other stories

So last week we took a trip to Fort Lauderdale which I am going to tell you about along with other stories.

The first day after we arrived meant a trip to the dermatologist for Bob – I have written before about the lovely team at Z-Roc where Bob has had many treatments. They treat us like long lost friends and we always have a very good time with them. On this visit we met a new assistant to Dr Matthew Zerraga – his name was Alex and we had a great conversation with him about what attracted him in to the medical world after he had qualified as a personal trainer. Of course it was because of personal experience with the medical profession and he is a very caring and compassionate young man. People share such moving stories when they have an opportunity to open up in conversation and as you know I absolutely love to be a facilitator for these stories.

Bob had his treatment and then I went across the road to the pharmacy to get a prescription for him and proceeded to have another wonderful chat with the pharmacist who told me a fabulous story about traveling as a young man in Thailand and buying an alms bowl from a hidden family business in the heart of Bangkok.  It is the luxury of having a little time to engage in conversation and the interest and knowledge that pretty much everybody has great stories to be told that lead to these life enhancing moments.

Just a light lunch you know !

From there we went to a French patisserie – Croissan’ Time for breakfast which was so good we went back for lunch a couple of hours later ! Also very life enhancing…. and finally breakfast on Saturday before we flew home.

Then on to the orthodontist to get fitted with my invisalign trays – all sorted very quickly and efficiently – sad really , how excited I am by the whole procedure and the prospect of straightened teeth ! I had to laugh when they put a mouth stretcher in – anyone who knows me will know that I have a very big mouth anyway and the thought of even temporarily making it bigger was enough to make me laugh out loud !

After going back to our hotel I had a luxurious couple of hours reading the English papers online and came across such a great and funny story that I have to share it with you. It was the story of how a dog was saved from potentially drowning on mudflats by a drone dangling a sausage on a piece of string which guided it to safe ground. I recommend reading the whole story from the following link as it is quite hilarious !


Great view from our room at the Sonesta Ft Lauderdale

We returned after a gap of 2 1/2 years to stay at the Sonesta Hotel and were greeted like long lost family. Of course some of the staff we knew had left – but it was a real treat to meet up with several staff who have made it through these Covid times.

Thursday evening we went to the first of two great restaurants recommended by my hairdresser Chadwick at the Ouidad Salon. It is on US1 in Fort Lauderdale – just north of the Davie Blvd turning – it is an Italian place called Osteria Acqua E Farina. Oh my goodness – superb quality food in a very unassuming setting and very reasonable prices. Neither of us ate pizza that night but from the looks of the pizzas passing our table they will definitely be on the agenda next time we go there. The place was buzzing with guests despite the torrential rain – always a good sign…..

Lobster ravioli with shrimp sauce – I only finished up wearing a few splashes of the sauce ..

Friday evening we went to Bubbles and Pearls in Wilton Manors – this is a very vibrant area and the small restaurant was an absolute delight. As you may deduce from the name it specializes in champagne and oysters but is by no means restricted to just that. Although we did enjoy a bottle of champagne and I had a couple of oysters to start – well it would have been rude not to – right ? We shared a great bowl of mussels , a fig, fontina and speck flatbread and a sensational Caesar salad with delicious grilled shrimp.  The staff are very friendly and the service is great. This is a no frills place but the food is divine and the staff are a delight. It cheered us up no end after a frustrating day of being stuck in slow moving traffic plus the bill was incredibly reasonable . We will definitely be making this a regular venue when we travel again – thanks to everyone at Bubbles and Pearls.

With Marcy one of the owners
Isn’t it just ?

We flew back on Saturday with Aztec Air of course and had time to reflect on a great trip…. It is the connection with people who want to share their stories and knowledge that can make or break a trip and this was one trip that was a joy because of the people we came across – as well as the great food we ate. Plotting now for another trip in a few weeks. Sometimes we all just need a short break away from where we live to gain a new perspective on life and to make us appreciate what is good for us…..

Oooh – those mussels were so good for us ….


And of course we fitted in a quick trip to Pond Hoppers to stock on essential supplies for Bob of JellyBabies – one of his favorite sweets / candies from the UK. Seen here with Bob the owner.


17 thoughts on “A trip to Fort Lauderdale and other stories”

  1. Suzanne Clune- Taylor

    Cathy, such a delightful blog.
    You bring out the best in people hence it is easy for them to share their life stories.
    You have a gift for writing and an ear for listening.
    The years of sharing the beautiful homes both you and Bob built over the years all the while welcoming many visitors to the island of Eleuthera has made you an superb hostess.
    It is hard to think of looking for another rental property that will be as well stocked and comfortable to stay in while on the island.
    You and Bob made a huge contribution to tourism on Eleuthera.
    Suzanne Clune – Taylor

    1. Goodness – how very kind of you to say such lovely things – very much appreciated. Joy and Dominic who first came to manage our properties 3 years ago are making a wonderful job of all the properties they are now managing. They have really stepped up to the plate and encouraged the owners to stock the houses really well so that they are all of a very good standard. The way to contact them is through their email – propertymanagereleuthera@gmail.com . They are just getting their own website up and running and I will put it on the blog once it is live…. Thank you again for your lovely words.

  2. I always enjoy your stories and will plan on trying some of these restaurants our next trip to Ft Lauderdale.I am looking for a dermatologist and a regular dentist so thank you for sharing about Dr Zerraga.Can you recommend a dentist there?I heard good things about Cleveland Clinic but we don’t know any doctors there.

    1. So the dermatologist is at Z-Roc dermatology on Oakland Park Blvd and the dentist we both use is Dr John Stone also on Oakland Park Blvd

  3. Kathy,

    Hope that you and Bob are doing well. June is getting closer everyday and we are very excited to visit your Paradise. We would like to do at least one catered meal and I recall one of your blogs you recommended someone. I think his name was DeVaughn Sweeting but not sure. Can you refer me back to that post as this site doesn’t really seem to have a search function.


    Dan & Doni Delaney

    1. I cannot remember but apparently DeVaughn Sweeting – based in Tarpum Bay is good. I have honestly not heard of him but that doesn’t mean anything ! I am getting details sent to me of his business. Now who I recommended I also cannot remember ! Sad what happens to us eh ? Where are you staying in June as we no longer have any rental properties – but you will be staying through the new owners …..

  4. Kathy,

    That is okay it was someone who catered some event of yours so maybe that rings a bell. We aren’t staying in any of your old properties. The house we are renting is in Rainbow Bay right across from the beach.

    Daniel Delaney

    1. OK – that makes sense – maybe it was Angelika and Sandy from Bacchus Fine Foods – they did the food for my Mum’s 94th birthday lunch last year …..

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