Christmas is coming – ready or not !! Eleuthera 2017

Just in case you didn’t realize, Christmas 2017 is coming to Eleuthera whether you are ready or not !!!!  Last week on Thursday we had the Exceptional Learners Christmas Pizza party at Tippy’s. As usual there was too much pizza, ice cream, sodas and just about enough presents.

Can't believe how much these children have grown !
Can’t believe how much these children have grown !

The children really enjoy themselves and know us well enough now that they are totally sure of what is going to happen. They are really good  with their pleases and thank you’s and a good time was had by all. Their Christmas goody bags were pretty full – at this time in your life it is more about quantity than quality …..

Party with Agatha Bethel in Palmetto Point
Party with Agatha Bethel in Palmetto Point

Then on Friday it was another party for them. This one is arranged by the wonderful Agatha Bethel and her team at Hailsham’s Law office in Palmetto Point. She invites the children from the Exceptional Learners Centre along with another group of needy children selected by Social Services  and boy, do they have fun. There was a bouncy castle – which went down very well, a great swing set and a visit from Santa Claus himself ( actually it’s Chris Gosling the wonderful man from Point who organize the blood drives and drives the ambulance but don’t tell anyone ! ) Lots more presents sponsored by plenty of local businesses and a great lunch as well. It really is a delight to see how much fun these children get from this – Agatha and team take a bow !

This went down very well ...
This went down very well …
Great bouncy castle
Great bouncy castle

Up at Colman Towers of course we have resurrected the Christmas inflatables and installed them as well. We bought a new hula Santa – our previous one gave up the ghost 2 years ago – and it is great to have him around again.

Hey - hula Santa is back !!
Hey – hula Santa is back !!

Then we found a new one – Snoopy and Peanuts in an airplane delivering presents. This one is in pride of place up high – and of course the huge elephant is not back in the room – but out on the deck. There is something about seeing these against a brilliant blue Bahamian sky that lifts your heart – well mine anyway ……

Snoopy and Peanuts up there on the roof.....
Snoopy and Peanuts up there on the roof…..

Have I told you about mince pies ? Excuse me if you already know this but at Christmas Bob and I deliver boxes of mince pies to all the places we want to say a thank you to….. Customs, Road Traffic, the Immigration Office, Seacor’s office, the bank – the list goes on and on ….. Well much like the lasagnas – I used to bake the pies myself but for the last 2 years I have called on the services of Stephanie and Jonathan – of Sweet and Savory fame – to make them for me. Mincemeat for those of you who know  is a sweet juicy mix of dried fruits in a jar. So you make bite sized pastry pies filled with mincemeat – with a little added fresh orange zest and Cointreau – bake them – and then try not to wolf them down all in one go ! They are a real English Christmas delicacy and many thanks to Burrows food store for stocking Robertson’s mincemeat.

The elephant on the veranda !
The elephant on the veranda !

In amongst all this we have been working like crazy to get a couple of the apartments at Anchor Point ready for occupation. And finally we have done it – even some pictures on the walls ! Such a great feeling…….

Love this apartment at Anchor Point- mainly because it is ready and finished !!
Love this apartment at Anchor Point- mainly because it is ready and finished !!

Well this time next week Christmas will be over – so I want to thank you all for your support during the year and to wish you all – from Bob and myself – a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS……. XXX



14 thoughts on “Christmas is coming – ready or not !! Eleuthera 2017

  1. Merry Christmas to you and Bob, Kathy, from Ian and June Robb! Thanks for posting news of Eleuthera every week. Ian worked for Barclays Bank in Governors Harbour and Rock Sound in the ‘60s, and we look forward to reading about the island in your blog. What’s going to happen to Loraine and Joy Pyfrom’s house? Will it become part of Squires Estates like its neighbors? All the best for 2018!

    1. Thank you so much …. No news yet on what is happening to the Pyfrom House ….. All the best to you both as well. So nice when we hear from people who have a long history with the island…..

  2. Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year! We love the decor! Our grandma used to make mincemeat pie. We’re counting down the days to our return. Warmest regards. Susan, Judy and Joe from LI NY

  3. I always enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your coming and goings mixed in with local news. Happy holidays to you, Bob and the family :-) xoxo

  4. Dear bob and Kathy. Mary and I both read your blogs every week and enjoy them very much. Both of you are getting younger every time I see a picture of you two. I think you do a lot for others and that is great. I would like to help out if I could please let me know where I can mail a check. If you guys ever get up to New England please let us know as we will show you cape cod. Merry Christmas. Dennis and Mary Ryan

    1. Not sure how this slipped through the net – so lovely to hear from you and know that you are both well. I will email you with details of where to mail your donation – thank you so much. Kindest regards to you both …..

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