Making contact with our readers is such a delight !

This last 2 weeks I have met up with 2 readers of the blog and I want to tell you what a delight it is for me to make such contacts ! Firstly I met Lissa on French Leave Beach just as Dan and I were about to walk the dogs. She came up to me on the beach , introduced herself and told me how much she enjoys the blog and we chatted for a short while ….. It is such a treat to hear how people get pleasure from reading my ramblings ! Lissa said that she had never commented on the blog before but last week she did – and that is always a treat for me….

This is the sort of image that never fails to lift your spirits if you are in a place far from the sea !

Then this week I met Allie and Tom Marten at the Island Farm. Again she introduced herself to me and told me that she reads the blog regularly. She and her husband live in Indiana – and guess what – he is in construction and she is a designer ! Spooky eh ? They were very excited as they completed on the purchase of a house in Ten Bay the day before we met. I am so excited for them ….. And having started following Allie on Instagram – @martendesign – I can see that she has a really great eye and I know will make the property a real gem. Here is a link to her FaceBook page as well….

It really is such a joy for me to meet you lovely people – it reinforces that sending out these weekly blogs into the world is something that is worthwhile. Allie told me that seeing pictures of Eleuthera during the winter months in Indiana cheered her on in their pursuit and dream of having a property here. Do I sound a bit smug and satisfied ? – I don’t really mean smug but it has made me feel good.

You can never have too many dog shots either ! – Rudge of course ….

So while I was at Island Farm I bought some tabbouleh , some sauerkraut and some pickled cucumbers – such a great change for a lunch during the week – we are always looking for something different to eat – right ? I do love a sandwich made with bread either from the farm or from Bacchus Fine Foods – but this makes a great change.

I haven’t written about food too much lately but last week we enjoyed a great night out with some friends at La Bougainvillea – it was pizza night but other things were on the menu as well. 2 of us had mushroom risotto which is a big favorite of mine and Bob had pizza along with the others and it was so good. It felt like a normal evening out – almost like the it used to be ! Good friends, fun conversation – lots of talk about food and a few really good laughs. just what the doctor ordered.

A lovely night out ….
Mary enjoying a delicious Pina Colada at 1648
And about to tuck in to a tasty plate of pasta thank you very much !

Sprawling Towers of course has to get a mention – progress is good – but what I wanted to mention this week is the great atmosphere that there is on the site. Of course everybody has their off days but generally speaking morale is very high and I am thrilled with this as I do believe that the spirit in which something is created is very important to it’s outcome…..

We should be fully up to ground level maybe by the end of the week – then we can start casting the slab……

And on a perfect day – another great drone shot – thank you Sandy ….

Nothing too much else to report here – the vaccination program went well and BAARK held another very successful neutering and spaying clinic in Gregory Town – otherwise just keeping on keeping on. Oh and by the way the opening of the passport office was a great occasion. The ceremony started on time – it was well organized and only lasted an hour. It was a breath of fresh air !

Xena and Rudge having just had a lovely dip in the water – Rufus was already out

Have a great week and remember to be kind wherever you can – you just never know what people are going through and everybody can do with an occasional kind word…..

And finally – all lined up in the back of the car waiting for a treat or two .

16 thoughts on “Making contact with our readers is such a delight !”

  1. So refreshing to see your pictures and to hear that all’s well on Eleuthera. Really uplifting, thank you.

    1. I would love to say it was very carefully staged – but as you know – that was not the case !!

  2. Great post! Both those restaurants are favorites of ours too.We also look forward to meeting you as we await our closing date on our house in Eleuthera too.Moving there in June!!I’ll have to change my email!

  3. Royce Frazier

    My husband and I arrived last Thursday and were at La Bougainvilia for dinner . I immediately saw you at at the table. Steve has heard me talk about your posts frequently. I went back & forth deciding whether to go speak to you, but you were with a crowd and I didn’t want to disturb you.
    I so enjoy your posts-especially after our trip was cancelled last year. We will be around for a couple of more weeks and hope to see you again. We have been coming to Eleuthera for 22 years and it is our perfect peace place.
    Thank you!
    Royce Frazier

    1. Kathy Colman

      Oh you should have come up to me at La Bougainvillea – but it was lovely to get to meet you today at lunch at Bacchus Fine Foods! It is such a treat for me to meet people who read and enjoy the blog – and I’m so happy that it maybe helped a little through the pandemic ! Never be afraid to come and say hello – no matter who I’m with !

  4. You are too sweet, Kathy!!! Thank you for your kind words. I’m honored you like my work. 🙂 Running into you was a highlight of our trip. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to tell you in person how much we love your blog. You truly keep us connected to our new home away from home! PS. I also forgot to tell you we also have living in a historic home in common!

    1. Kathy Colman

      So sorry I spelt your name wrong Ali – I hate it when people spell my name wrong ! And living in a historic home – that is another great coincidence – right ? I will look forward to seeing progress on your re-vamp which hopefully you will post on Instagram ….. Safe travels when you go back home.

      1. Oh goodness, no worries on the spelling! I will be sure to post progress photos on IG. We’ve never renovated a home in another country. We’re looking forward to the adventure and challenge!

        1. Kathy Colman

          Please feel free to reach out to me – any advice I can give you with regards to the practicalities of actually getting stuff here I would be more than happy to share ….

  5. camilla ross

    Dear Kathy,

    As always, love, love the photos of the pups and the beach, of coarse! Thanks so much! I am envious of your new house! So grateful for your blog! I look forward to it so much.

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