All the latest news in May here in Governors Harbour.

Yes – this week all the latest news right here in May in Governors Harbour. None of it is earth shattering I might add – but I know from your comments dear readers that you do like to hear what is happening.

First and foremost the government has lifted the 10pm – 5 am curfew – not that it will affect us as we have already been in bed for an hour by 10pm – but for a lot of people it will make a good difference. Plus there will be indoor dining for people who are fully vaccinated. Similarly anyone who is fully vaccinated and has had the 2 week immunity period after the second vaccination – obviously with proof of that – will not have to take a PCR test to enter the Bahamas or to have the antigen test 5 days after they arrive.

Click on this link to read the full statement in the Eleuthera newspaper.

Well the road resurfacing is carrying on and we actually have white lines painted on some stretches of the road – that is quite something for here because it has always been pretty dangerous and nerve wracking for all the visitors who are used to driving on the right and see no road markings. We are loving seeing it all be improved. Today I was delighted to see that Cupid’s Cay is being prepped for repairs….. That is a desperate bit of pothole strewn road – but watch this space !

And through the center of Governors Harbour as well !

Talking of roads there was an incident on Friday last week when a tractor unit towing a container tipped over at the turning from the harbour onto Queens Highway. It was turning north but the container had not been hitched up properly and secured and it broke away and flipped over on it’s side right at the bottom of the uphill ….. Luckily a car sped up and narrowly missed being crushed underneath it – but a bit of drama that was something we could all have done without.

The container that broke loose on it’s side at the bottom of the uphill – thanks to Dom Cant for the picture taken as you can see from inside his car

As I told you a couple of weeks ago the Royal Bank RBC branch in Governors Harbour is closing on May 27th and in it’s place there will be a financial institution called Omni Financial Services in the same location. Have a look at the flyer they have published to see the services they will provide ….

We will be very sad to see the closure of this branch and thank all of the staff – past and present – a happy future whatever course their career takes.

Sprawling Towers is moving on – we have had so many lorry loads of fill to build up around the foundations that I fear there is a huge hole in the island somewhere…..

It will be spread and made into a nice gentle slope !

The weather as I write this is cooler and windy – we have had a bit of rain but we desperately need a lot more – so we will keep on with the rain dances….

I have written before about Dawnita Fry’s pop up shop for Island Girl Beach Gear – well there is another one on island again – the weekend of 28th / 29th May at the Island Farm. Here I am wearing one of her designs – fire coral swimsuit and matching sarong – fancy eh !
Saturday lunch at The Surf Shack – Bob had the mahi mahi wrap and I had the Tequila shrimp pictured at the top of the blog – as always simply delicious….
Finally – I just love this picture I caught of Rudge and Ceci taken in the garden room ….

Have a great week and take good care – be nice to whoever you can !

4 thoughts on “All the latest news in May here in Governors Harbour.”

  1. Firstly, thanks for the great shot of Rudge and Ceci. I missed seeing her!
    That swim and walk beach wear is spectacular, almost like the wearer. No, seriously you’re beaming. Positivity does have its pluses. Love the colors. Lotsa good news this week Finally! The roads. Yes! Lets hope conditions for entering the Bahamas stay this way. When are you expecting your house project to near completion…minus the decorating?

    1. Thanks Donna – always so lovely to hear from you and you always say such nice things ! I love that picture of Rudge and Ceci – I think that I will print that one and frame it ! I think it will probably be next spring – maybe March or April when we move in – but it would be fabulous if it was before – I am trying to be laid back and cool about it but actually I am beyond excited !!

  2. Well, that was a winner blog!! Love the photos, of coarse. You in the swimsuit—-you look like a teenager! Wow! Eleuthera is sure changing. I guess that you can’t stop progress. The white line on the roads. Fantastic! Hope that saves a few accidents and makes driving easier for visitors.
    How exciting—the new house! And, we get to see it progressing and the big move-in!
    Love the photo of Rudge and Ceci! Good idea that you have to frame it.

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