Rooster the cat goes to Rock Sound and Noah’s Ark Animal Centre

This week I took Rooster – the little black and white cat – down to Rock Sound to the vet’s office there to have her spayed – fixed once and for all so no more kittens. She is only about a year old herself – so it was important to get her sorted so no more worries with her.

Noah’s Ark Animal Centre is run by Dr Italia Sands – she is from Eleuthera originally but for some time worked in Nassau at the Palmdale Veterinary Center. She has a lovely clinic in Rock Sound which thankfully now the lockdown on non-essential businesses has been lifted she can operate properly – in every sense of the word. Dr Sands incidentally also took care of dear old Joe Louis our previous dog – she was so kind and caring when he was sick near the end of his life …..

Miss Rooster is one sweet cat !

Martin and Carlien who are staying at Tops have been taking care of Rooster – their 2 year twins love her as well – so I collected her in the early morning – put her in the carrier that I have and set off in the car. By the time I reached Savannah Sound – I realized that she had managed to get out of the carrier – I had to have a makeshift cardboard door on it as the wire door has gone missing. Well she squeezed out of the bottom of the flap and came and sat in my lap – she was very quite for most of the journey but did like getting up and looking out of the window sometimes. Not ideal but there was nothing else I could do ……

Such a cutey …

She was safely delivered and left there to be operated on – as well as getting all her shots and being wormed. The lovely Rea from Island Farm works at the vet’s office and I managed to bribe her to bring Rooster back to the farm where I then picked her up.

This young puppy – Daisy – was at the clinic at the same time as Rooster …. Rea was taking her temperature !
Trying to get her on the scales ….

And now we are opening up here on Eleuthera – we are cautiously optimistic – but very mindful of people arriving here from other islands as well as from July 1st the US. We continue to be careful – masks are now the norm here and will continue to be when visitors come – so if you are one of the brave pioneers coming to visit – do remember to bring your masks.

Check out our website as we have reduced our prices until December for guests coming to stay at either Governors Estate or Anchor Point.

Look – I’m not really a cat person – but I couldn’t resist a picture of this sweet kitten in Burrows Food Store !
Same tree as last week – but even more blooms ….

2 thoughts on “Rooster the cat goes to Rock Sound and Noah’s Ark Animal Centre

  1. Kathy, Good Samaritan, you with Rooster! I will bet that she is grateful to you for taking care of her.
    Look forward to hearing how the tourist time works out.
    Thank you, always

    1. Thanks ! – she is such a sweet little cat – she will be good to have around Yellow House …. keep safe….

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