Really opening up in Eleuthera now ……

So now things are really opening up in Eleuthera. From Monday 8th June inter island flights will be operating – and from July 1st international flights as well. Great news is that people are making enquiries from July onwards – we already have a couple of bookings for July.

Spotted this little morsel of a crab on the beach the other day – couldn’t resist taking a picture….
I can hear him – or her – saying ” I’m ready for my close up Mr de Mille “

Of course we will have to be extra vigilant with cleaning our properties after we have guests stay – but special cleaning supplies are on their way as we speak ! So gradually we will get used to having people around again – we have missed seeing people coming and going – and only me using a golf cart to tootle around on the Estate.

Getting a bit arty with the shadows ….

Other exciting news is that we can now dine in at the Buccaneer – they are open from 7am until 7pm – apart from Friday to Monday this weekend as we have another public holiday. And from Monday Bacchus Fine Foods will also be doing dine in – fabulous ! They have kept us supplied with delicious fresh produce throughout the whole shutdown period and we are hugely grateful that they have kept so many people happy with the lovely goodies they stock ……

We are still waiting on an announcement about the beaches opening up – waiting with baited breath I can tell you !

This picture was taken about 14 years ago – but I just love it ….

Short one this week – but as usual sending love out amongst you – be kind to each other and be patient …….

The poinciana is really coming in to bloom now – never seen these lovely pompoms on one of our trees before !

10 thoughts on “Really opening up in Eleuthera now ……

  1. That’s all good news. Will you be wearing masks and social distancing while eating out?
    Those bright red orange poinciana look like the azaleas in our yard. Nice.
    If there is a 14 day quarantine period after international arrival then your guests should book at least that time! We are hoping for the best moving forward…Ah that white powder sand…

    1. Ate at the Buccaneer at lunchtime today – social distanced tables – no masks while eating but going to and fro with masks ! No 14 day quarantine period ……

  2. Amazing photography, Kathy! Glad for you that everything is looking up! I love your first photo! Is that the road you live on?

    1. Yes – our house is at the top of that hill – it faces down towards the Atlantic …. Have a great weekend….

  3. Hello,
    Is that little crab blue? Pretty. I have been enjoying your pics and words every week. A special thank you for the poinciana!
    Hey, just like a comment above from D – re: the 14 day quarantine. Be very careful Kathy. There are many new cases reported every day. Our borders are still closed for the most part, and all travellers are to self isolate (We exception essential workers) for 14 days.
    Anyway, thank you so much for your blog. I look forward to it every week.

    1. Opening up the Bahamas for international travelers is undoubtedly putting us at risk – that we do all know. Wearing masks here is compulsory at the moment – and is something that we will most likely continue with – especially when traveling ourselves. But we cannot stay isolated here in our bubble and survive financially – we have to face that tourism and all the health risks it brings is what makes up a large part of this country’s economy and so to survive we have to take that risk. I do really hope that travelers who come here act responsibly – hope for the best and prepare for the worst…. Yes the crab is blue – isn’t it amazing ! Thanks for your concern and glad you enjoy the blog….

  4. I’m so thankful I’ve found your blog !
    I truly enjoy reading them !

    It makes me miss home so though,someday I will return .

    The poinciana tree is my favorite Bahamian
    tree .

    Thank you for sharing the Beauty of The Bahamas!


  5. Kathy,
    I miss you and Eleuthera. I hope Bob is well. I really enjoyed reading about Rooster.

    Here, things are insane. It’s like a July tourist season because the beach is open, people are working remotely, and no one is in school, so they are all here, a majority mask free and gathering in large groups. They seem to think vacation means no Covid.

    We had six new cases just yesterday (with people here from all over the country). Anyway, Keep Calm and Carry On… I wish I was there.

    1. Oh my goodness – sounds like a bit of a nightmare ….. Lovely to know you are still reading the blog….. Hope the new book is coming on well. I wish you were here as well !

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