Sunday lunch at the Buccaneer in Governors Harbour ……

This last week the three of us – Bob, my Mum Mary and I enjoyed sitting down to Sunday lunch at the Buccaneer in Governors Harbour. Such a treat to be out for a meal and sitting outside in the shade ……

Isn’t it amazing how things that we have previously taken totally for granted assume a whole new significance in these strange times we are living through.

Mary and Bob at the Buccaneer…..

The staff were charming and the service was great – the food made such a change from home cooked – and it was lovely to see a few familiar faces and have new conversations. I talk a lot about gratitude and trying not to take things for granted – but this was a whole reminder again to be thankful for the changes that are opening up on island for us.

Mary, Sam Carey from Tarpum Bay and me…. all hungry as horses and ready to eat at the Buccaneer !

Mary – my Mum – has been in her house and small surrounding area for nearly 3 months – so it was lovely for her to have a chance to put on a nice dress and some make-up and have a jaunt out into the big wide world of downtown Governors Harbour ! We have a drive onto Cupid’s Cay for her to see the harbour and generally have a look around. Of course the poinciana trees are in absolutely glorious bloom – most of the year they are very nondescript – but at this time they are a joyous sight and lift the heart…. Looking back at the hill of Governors Harbour from Cupid’s Cay is a riot of orange blooms…..

Also thankful this week for some torrential rain to fill up the water cisterns and drench the dry dusty ground. We had a spectacular thunderstorm the other day – I tried to capture how heavy the rain was but somehow I can never quite do that ……

I mean it was tipping it down – and thunder and lightening as well…..

Rooster the cat is recovering really well from her trip to the vet – stitches out soon – and she is very jaunty now she is over the operation. Thanks again to Dr Italia Sands at Noah’s Ark Animal Centre.

So on we go with visitors coming from Nassau now – and looking forward in a couple of weeks to welcoming returning guests from the US …… We now have all sorts of fancy new cleaning materials for the new protocol of keeping all of our properties up to speed with the latest requirements. Hopefully these procedures will keep the island safe and Covid 19 free…..

Oh that blue blue sky – I never cease to wonder at the beauty of it….

Be kind to each other – many, many people are suffering from stress and anxiety as a result of the worldwide turmoil that we are all experiencing – so if somebody is not as kind and thoughtful as you would like them to be – treat them extra specially well yourself – none of us know what others are going through and a little thoughtfulness can go a very long way if you are having a bad day …. Love to you all and continue to stay safe……

This was the most amazing spider’s web – not sure what the twisty elastic looking bits were – but it was spectacular .

22 thoughts on “Sunday lunch at the Buccaneer in Governors Harbour ……

  1. Hi Kathy, Thank you for another lovely blog post. I am so happy to hear that you, Bob, and your sweet mother got to go out for a nice meal.

    I live in the southern United States, and I am afraid we are not as fortunate with this awful virus. People here just don’t believe the danger and our cases and deaths are rising.

    I hope your beautiful island stays safe and healthy! Please say a pray for the US.

    1. Thanks Lisa – so sorry to hear that the situation is not being taken as seriously as it should. Anyone traveling here internationally from July 1st must come with a negative Covid19 test no more than 7 days previously – let’s hope it keeps us safe…. Big prayers for the US in all sorts of ways…..

  2. The Argiope sider! it makes an ‘X’ so that, at night, birds have greater visibility of the wed, and do not accidentally fly into it. Another theory is that is makes the spider seem larger, and deters predators. I had one above the El bar and was similarly curious. See you in July!!!

    1. Oh – you are a fount of knowledge my dear friend ! Thanks for the information and see you in July….

  3. Sounds like the Bahamas and Eleuthera are handling the virus quite well. God willing we will be booking again this coming spring. Be well and stay safe!
    Dave Cowhey

  4. Your thought and words always inspiring…consoling. Thanks.
    Glad to see a pic of you all.
    And Miss Rooster last blog. You know I adore katz as you do dawgs.
    Getting the appropriate Covid test and in a timely manner to qualify for travel [at this time anyway] will be challenging! Here, they are only available to those referred by physicians IF they think you may have the virus!
    We’re okay…waiting to see what happens with the spread after protests and openings before we do any venturing.
    How’s the screening of the porch progressing?
    Keep on…
    L, Donna

    1. Thanks for your kind words ! – I hear Walmart and another chain – can’t remember which – are doing on demand tests…. Glad to hear you are both well…. Porch screening has been on hold as the guys have been busy on a job. Being uber patient !!!

  5. So nice that you all got out together.
    And the little kitty is healing.
    Are the 2 cats with the fabulous Blue eyes still around? They were amazing. They would just sit by the open door relaxing, but not go in.
    Also – Is the ocean warm enough for you to get in yet?
    Our lake is 78, a very nice temp for our swimming.
    We are enjoying your blog and pics. So pretty to see the spectacular flowering tree that is just a bunch of big beans in spring.
    It is always helpful to be reminded to be kind. Thank you! Take a moment and smile, even though no one sees it through your mask. Ha-ha!

    1. Lovely to hear your news – the ocean is lovely to get in to at the end of the day – the temperature is good – not too warm which is always a scary sign for hurricanes…. I would love to have a mask that has a wide smiling mouth on it – but I haven’t sen one yet.

  6. … “so if somebody is not as kind and thoughtful as you would like them to be – treat them extra specially well yourself – none of us know what others are going through and a little thoughtfulness can go a very long way if you are having a bad day …”
    So wise and perfectly brought to the point …
    Again and again love to read your blog ! : )
    All the best and stay healthy !
    Warm regards from Germany to the paradise of Eleuthera
    from Sonja + Thorsten

    1. So happy that my blurbing resonates with you ! and lovely to know that you are staying in touch with us and Eleuthera over there in Germany….. kindest regards to you both until we see you again…..

  7. Greetings from Toronto Kathy.
    So wonderful to hear life is slowly getting back to normal. We here in Toronto are still in stage one. Outside the city the patios are barbers etc have opened.
    I’ve taken pics of rain pouring into swimming pools with great success. If you magnify your camera lens the rain drops are captured actually hitting the water in the most spectacular shots(even better if you are in the water). I turn the pages everyday from that wonderful pictorial book by Sarno. It brings back many memories, especially these last few months. Good luck Kathy. Hope to see everyone soon. Frank

    1. Lovely to hear from you Frank – always try to keep up on your news through Dan… Thanks for the photography tip – even though I have no idea what you are talking about !!! Take care and hope to se you soon….

  8. Your Mom looks so beautiful. What a tan! On her, it looks good! You, as well, Kathy.

    Always love your photos! Thank you.

  9. What I meant was that it is difficult to catch the strength of a downpour on camera. But having water – a puddle or a swimming pool – in the near perspective works well for catching such moments!

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