A Birthday to Remember in Governors Harbour

Well this last weekend certainly gave me a birthday to remember here in Governors Harbour. I love it when my birthday falls on the weekend – particularly on a Saturday so you have Sunday to get over it – right ? It is very difficult to find anything to buy as presents here in Eleuthera […]

Summer camps, lovely lunches in Eleuthera and Happy Independence Day

This week there is plenty to write about – summer camps, lovely lunches and Happy Independence Day all here in the Bahamas. So first – the summer camps. This week I went to see the summer camp being held at Haynes Library. The theme of the camp is around the world in 30 days – […]

Dr Cliff Bacchus – Best of Eleuthera

Back to the series the Best of Eleuthera – this week featuring Dr Cliff Bacchus. Now retired from Government service but with a thriving private medical practice right here in Governors Harbour. Dr Bacchus had always wanted to one day open his own private practice and after he retired in 2002 that is exactly what […]