Opening up again in Eleuthera !

Great news this week that we are opening up again in Eleuthera – curfew is extended until 10pm and no more weekend lockdowns. Inter island flights start again on Thursday or Friday this week – so life – which has been on hold a bit can start again. Of course we hope that people are still sensible – wearing masks and social distancing – but there is a feeling of cautious liberation in the air …..

After the announcement was made at the beginning of the week we were thrilled to hear that the Buccaneer was opening it’s doors again. We were there for lunch on the first day and I enjoyed a delicious bowl of lovely hot conch chowder. On Monday the weather was sensational – calm , warm and glorious sunshine – but the next day a cold front blew in so a bowl of warming soup was absolutely perfect.

Oh yes !

French Leave resort is set to re-open on December 15th – maybe 1648 their restaurant will open before then – I will keep you posted.

We also enjoyed a small gathering to celebrate the birthday of the gorgeous Angelika Bacchus – her birthday was on Saturday during lockdown – but on Monday Dwayne and Marilyn Modder hosted an early evening get- together and the simple joy of being able to be together was a pleasure to really savor …… The house has a perfect view of the sunset which was particularly beautiful that evening – sometimes it is hard to balance wanting to capture the moment with a picture and just experiencing the reality of being there in that moment. It’s you, dear readers I blame – because I am always thinking – oooh – perfect shot for the blog !!

The blue rays shooting up into the sky were amazing – they haven’t come out this well in the picture – you had to be there !
So the evening included a little impromptu hair cutting – don’t ask …. Mark Hussey pictured here has a beautiful shaved head – but it seemed like a good idea to see what he would look like with hair ! Again – you had to be there …..

That is one of the good things about all the pandemic shenanigans – we have a new appreciation of some of the simpler joys in life….

Bob and I took a walk, one we take on a really regular basis , along the Old Banks Road which runs behind the top end of French Leave Beach and I had my phone with me to take a few pictures. The morning sunlight through the trees was so pretty – and yet so many times when we are walking we are both deep in thought about so many other things that we forget to really look around us and appreciate the things right in front of our noses …. The familiar becomes taken for granted even here….. But it is always good to stop and take stock and feel the fresh joy in what we see.

I just love this picture….

So here we are at the beginning of December and like many people I am thinking that this year we will put the Christmas decorations up early for a bit of extra fun …. Normally I don’t get them up until a week before Christmas – but the inflatables are calling to me saying – I’m ready right now ! – so this week they should all go on up – pictures next week.

Thank you for the lovely responses last week for Thanksgiving – it does mean a lot to me when I hear from people that I know well as well as new readers to the blog. Connection is a key part of these trying times and it brings joy to us all when an unexpected email pops up in our mail that is from a friend or relative – making us realize that they have been thinking of us. So do make an effort to let people know that you are thinking of them – it always means a lot and can make someone’s day a whole lot brighter.

Last thing is my top tip for a TV series Bob and I just really enjoyed. It is on Apple TV and is called Ted Lasso. It is about an American who comes to manage a UK soccer team – I hate soccer but this series is very funny and heartbreaking , deep and superficial and heartwarming all at the same time. Trust me !

Stay safe and be kind and make someone’s day by letting them know what they mean to you …..

So this is a birthday card which turned up last week of November – my birthday is August – but better late than never as Mary says ! Now Cheryl Cole will mean nothing to you unless you are British – she is a very beautiful and glamorous young woman. Always perfectly groomed and coiffed – so not only diid I have the delight of a card turning up – it made me laugh out loud – because it was a particularly bad hair day – thank you dear friend Jane Bower for such a brilliant card !
And I just had to include this one as well – Monday morning on the Cay getting a shipment out from Customs – all these chaps lined up – just a few gaps with some late on parade !

6 thoughts on “Opening up again in Eleuthera !

  1. So very difficult to get there! Finding a place within 5 hours of my home for the test-or paying a small fortune for it via mail are my options. I will come, but one has to be very intentional. My good friends who love to come and spend money have all bailed. Sad. Though Covid numbers are up, real illness from it seems to be down a lot.

    1. So where do you live Leigh that it takes 5 hours to get to a place for a test ? Glad to hear that you will be coming down at some stage…. This will be a pretty quiet season I think…. Glad to hear as well that people are not getting as sick now with Covid….

  2. Hello Kathy. Keep the pretty pictures coming. As the commercials say -> “priceless”. It is always a joy to read your blog and devour your pics. Thanks!

  3. Dear Kathy,

    A joy to behold! Always. You are a light in the storm. Love, love your photos! Cannot wait to see the next blog! XX

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