The season is winding down in Eleuthera

Yes – the season is now winding down in Eleuthera and I have news for you on which restaurants are closing when….

Firstly the Island Farm – they are closing on Saturday September 3rd – and although they do not have a definite date for re-opening I was told that it will be probably late October . We will miss the lovely fresh baked bread and I will especially miss the fresh mint and basil that have been around for the last few weeks.

Now on to the restaurants – Bacchus Fine Foods closed on the 24th August – no date yet for re-opening but probably not until mid – late November. This is without a doubt the place I will miss the most during the closed season – we have our Sunday lunches there and often have lunch during the week as well. Plus of course it is where I buy lots of great cheeses and more ! We wish you all a lovely break and look forward to the day you re-open …..

1648 – the restaurant at French Leave Resort is closing for 10 days or so for renovations on September 1st – re-opening will be sometime during the week beginning September 12th. Great news is that they will then be open all through the low season – somewhere to go to eat !!

Tippy’s is closing September 4th until October 21st. Time to grab a last meal there before they close down…..

The Buccaneer is closing August 28th and at the moment no date is available for re-opening but of course you know that I will be letting you know as soon as word is out ! Note to self – buy a couple of takeouts of shrimp fried rice for those evenings when I can’t be ar..d to cook !

Just called La Bougainvillea and they are staying open all through the season for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yippee ! But they do close all day Tuesdays …..

So there you have all the info for local places around Governors Harbour – sorry no information for the rest of the island ….

Brilliant picture Katy – and can you see how the cloud in the center looks just like a dolphin ….

My nephew Sam and his girlfriend Katy left last Friday and we miss having them around. Katy is a great photographer and sent me some of her fabulous pictures – so here is a selection….. Big thanks to Katy Lord xx

Never too many beach shots …..
And another great selfie of us all having dinner at Anchor Point on my birthday last week

Bob and I are taking another short trip to Fort Lauderdale next week , dentist and orthodontist – how glamorous ! Plus we are now carefully planning a trip to London in late September to see our beautiful great granddaughter Cecelia – known as Cece who was born in the early hours of Saturday 20th August. Oh I just cannot wait to get my hands on her and nuzzle that baby smell in her neck and feel that amazing baby skin …… Need to get permission before I post any pictures of her…..

Bob got some of our workmen putting in a new deck at Lanni’s bar also known as the gentleman’s club
Loretta who owns the bar with our workmen

We will be visiting some old and very dear friends which we are really looking forward to as well. It is 3 years since we last were there and although FaceTime is a wonderful thing you cannot beat a real arms around each other big hug . Plus of course you will not be surprised to hear that I am looking forward to eating some good old English fish and chips and an Indian curry – or 2 !

So the flights and the hotel are booked – now the careful orchestrating of who we see when and where we go. So exciting.

Wouldn’t be complete without a few shots of Sprawling Towers now would it ?

The driveway being cast in sections is coming on really well
Finally settled on a color for the exterior and it is going on as we speak….
I absolutely love these tiles we are using for the outside areas around the house – coral stone





4 thoughts on “The season is winding down in Eleuthera”

  1. Love the tiles! Can I ask where you bought them and who is putting them in for you? We will eventually be changing the outside tiles at our house and are looking into recommendations. Also where is Lanni’s bar? Enjoy your trips! I will also miss Bacchus: best cappuccino in Eleuthera other than my husband’s!


    We bought them through Tony Poletti – our freight forwarder in Ft Lauderdale – he sourced them for us. Ricardo Symonette’s team are laying them. Lanni’s bar is on the Banks Road just in Palmetto Point – it is very easy to miss !!! But shouldn’t be now !

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Kathy! Looks like it was lovely. Thanks for the restaurant updates, looks like I’ll be doing a lot of cooking when we’re down in a few weeks. 😉 Sprawling Towers is looking amazing, love the exterior color!


    Thanks Ali – yes the restaurant choice is restricted during September and October … The outside color – which also took about 10 or 11 tester pots to finally decide is Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois. It’s all in the detail as I kept saying to Bob ! – but you know that so well …..

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