Takeouts now available – yippee – in Eleuthera !!

Great news that takeouts are available from more places in Eleuthera – yippee ! Buccaneer are doing them, so is Bacchus Fine Foods – delicious pizzas ready to scarf down in your car or at home !! Seriously – it is great news that these businesses are tentatively open to feed us – even if […]

Opening up and good deeds in Eleuthera this week.

So news this week of good deeds in Eleuthera and a little more opening up – namely Sweet and Savory our favorite food truck ! I saw David Barlyn the other day who told me that at Tippy’s they now have cooked and delivered just over 2,500 meals in central Eleuthera since the start of […]

Soup and other stories from Eleuthera ….

These last couple of weeks I have been making soup from scratch on a good few occasions so this week it is soup and other stories that make up the blog … I love soup and those who love me have to love it as well !!!! Fortunately we are still able to get lovely […]