Summer’s drawing to a close in Eleuthera…….


So summer is drawing to a close in Eleuthera – temperatures are still high and at the moment we are getting plenty of rain – but restaurants are closing, visitors are fewer and life goes on ….. School is back in session – so I had my first yoga class with the Exceptional Learners this […]

The Doctor will see you now !


Very pleased to announce that the Doctor – Dr Arlington Lightbourne – will see you now !  The Eleuthera Community Medical Center has now opened it’s doors for business. Their telephone number is 332 0224. The opening was very low key on Tuesday of this week – but open they did – so please go […]

Dis and Dat from Governors Harbour Eleuthera

Only lovely pictures of the island this week - nothing to do with ciguatera !

This week – just dis and dat from here in Governors Harbour Eleuthera ! Not too much happening here apart from the usual glorious weather and warm seas to wallow about in …. The beaches are so beautiful at this time of year and I relish just having to take Rudge for his exercise and […]