A brush with Hurricane Dorian in Eleuthera

Pretty much all of you will be aware that we had a brush with Hurricane Dorian here in Eleuthera. And it was only a brush – unlike the devastating hits that Abaco and Grand Bahama have suffered. When a hurricane is coming of course these days we have the luxury of knowing that it is coming. But you never know exactly what is going to happen…..

As soon as we heard about Dorian the first job was to get all the palm trees a major haircut – all coconuts removed and most of the leaves.

Is it going to be a direct hit, is it going to swerve away – the possibilities are myriad. So you have to always prepare for the worst case scenario – everything has to be put away or secured and with a total of 8 houses and 6 apartments that is a great deal to do…..

Clearing Yellow House and closing the shutters – thanks guys – great job done…

So by Saturday everything was done – and then begins the wait for whatever is going to happen. Somebody posted on Facebook that waiting for a hurricane is like being stalked by a turtle – you just have to wait it out – and sometimes it is a long time !

Saturday afternoon at the beach – dogs having a good time – making the most of a run and a swim – them not me !
The sea was getting a bit rougher but still looking great…

This time we were extremely lucky to have the luxury of our generator which ran throughout the 18 hours that the power was off. It made all the difference to be able to have light and coolness from the AC. We had some high winds and lashings of rain throughout Sunday and Monday and even on Tuesday morning. But then just after lunch on Tuesday the sun came out . The leeward side of the island had the roughest seas and battering by the winds. The Atlantic side was eerily calm really…..

The three golf carts huddling together for a bit of shelter at Colman Towers
Recommended comfort eating during a hurricane – fried eggs, home fries or chips as we Brits call them , fried mushrooms and baked beans ! Not very delicate or pretty but darned good !

We lost a couple of trees up here at Governors Estate and there was a lot of flooding down in Governors Harbour – but nothing in the scheme of things. Then just as you are counting your blessings that you have escaped comes the dreadful reality of it hitting so hard into Abaco ……. It was almost too painful to look at the horrific pictures of people suffering the nightmare of Dorian slamming the islands and cays…..

Flooding down by Anchor Point late Sunday afternoon.

The aftermath after a hurricane has hit is so awful …. Having experienced 2 hits over the 15 years we have been here I still remember all too well the awful feeling of anxiety and fear that stays with you. A period of sustained fear for the time it takes for the hurricane to pass through has a profound effect on the mind and body and I certainly felt a continued sense of apprehension for quite a while. And that was without any major damage to our property ….

Tree down at Colman Towers….

So our hearts open to take in some of the pain that families are going through and we rally round to do what we can do to help through the various channels for donations – both financial and material…….

This has been a major tragedy for the Bahamas and we all feel – there but for the grace of God go I ……

The emerging pictures from Abaco are shocking – and I know that those from Grand Bahama are the same – it will take a huge effort to even clear the devastation away never mind the rebuilding…..

The rain was coming sideways and that is a grey sky – not blue …..

And so we find ourselves in that strange position of being so totally thankful that we dodged the bullet of Hurricane Dorian and yet mourning along with so many other people the hideous consequences of it wrecking another part of the Bahamas …..

In the harbour outside the office …. The picture of flooding at the very top is a view of the ball park – deep flooding….
And this was the Atlantic side five minutes before – weird eh ?

The huge and terrifying ferocity of nature is a truly sobering thing…… And to every one of you who reached out to check that we were OK I say a huge thank you. It is a gift to be remembered in these times of fear – thank you.

14 thoughts on “A brush with Hurricane Dorian in Eleuthera”

  1. Hi Kathy, know mom checked in and heard from you shortly after Dorian passed, but still glad to see your post and know you are all ok!
    See you in February!

  2. Kathy, we are so thankful to hear that you and the wonderful people of Eleuthera are safe and sound. Our hearts and prayers are with you all and all those devastated on Abaco and Grand Bahamas.



    (Cathy Sterling, part of the Sterling, McMurray, Tobin crew who stayed at the wonderful yellow house two years ago.)


  3. SO RELIEVED THAT YOU AND THE REST OF ELEUTHERA ARE OK!! Sending best wishes for a safe recovery and clean-up. I’ll see you all in a few months, Friedrike

  4. My favourite cooking English breakfast – What incredible photos of the storm. Glad you have not been too affected. Thinking and praying for al those families who have lost so much during this season. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  5. Thank you Kathy for your GHB update photos. Glad you were spared.
    Praying for Abaco. Feels like a hole in our hearts.
    Mother Nature’s renovation project is hard to wrap one’s head around!
    Best, Don & Stu

  6. It is such a relief to hear you are OK, and that your neighbours also came through. Looking at the pictures of Abaco and GB are just heartbreaking.

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